The Healthy Sweet Treats I Can’t Live Without

‘What you actually eat sugar?’ or ‘So what can you actually eat?’ or ‘Can you eat anything nice?’

I’ve got sensitivities, I’ve got intolerances and I love to eat foods that make me feel amazing while avoiding those that don’t. The truth is I have a big sweet tooth as well, I love to have treats and I love snacccckkks. If you follow me on instagram @chlohodgkinson you’d have seen me talk about these brands a lot:

Mindful Bites

Oh my god, so sticky and smooth and it’s even better than you can now get this nut butter in the form of a bite while is a wafer shell filled with the nut butter! My favourite has to be the cacao & hazelnut one!

Raw Halo

Dairy free chocolate you just HAVE to try.

Squirrel Sisters

Healthy brownies & all the flavours to match. I love keeping one in my bag for emergencies but I’ve also been to known to add to yoghurt bowls or ice cream as well!

Pip & Nut

Shock, it wouldn’t be a post about food without me mentioning these guys. They are my favourite nut butter company and I go through 1kg tub of coconut almond butter prob every month and a half! It’s so smooth and the soft coconut taste is incredible!


I’ve actually in shock if I ever hear people not liking granola… the crunch is incredible. Add to yoghurt, to halo top, on it’s own ahhh so so good! I’ve listed below my ultimate favourites:

Livia’s Bakery

All your favourite treats but just less of the shit stuff! They are honestly gorgeous – just try not to eat them all at once… or do…

Loving Earth Chocolate

Oh my god, the dreammmmmmm. So smooth, so tasty, so Aussie. I feel in love with this brand way before visiting Australia and it’s definitely something I keep as a treat – I love when I head to London coming home with one for the train or having a night in with films and having some then!

Koko Dairy Free

This is my go-to most evenings after dinner – I tend to have this with frozen berries and granola & bran on top. It’s so good and the coconut flavouring comes through really nicely with the berries. This is perfect if you’re intolerant like me to dairy!

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Halo Top Ice Cream

I tend to keep this as a real real treat because sometimes the artificial sweeteners can play havoc with me but the coconut one is defo my fave!

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