An insight into the day job: Content Producer

” Content, content, content. It’s all we are after at the moment and Chlo Hodgkinson is no stranger to creating inspiration content in her day job for Pro:Direct. We chat to her about what her day looks like as a content creator. 

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Do you love posting to Instagram about your latest gym leggings or fitness class you went to? Meet Chlo Hodgkinson, who’s job is content producer for Sportswear Retailer Pro:Direct. You may have heard of Pro:Direct Soccer if that’s your sport but Chloe is the content producer for their newest brand Pro:Direct FIT, offering the latest product in function, innovation & trend. While people slide in her dm’s on the regular asking for her job, here’s a little insight into being a content producer…

Your Day Revolves Around Social Media

If scrolling through insta at the latest fitspo or fashion blogger is your thing then you might find you do less of it. I actually view social media differently to most of the people around me. For me, it’s a market place, an opportunity to spread a message and to show creativity, it’s my job. I spend a lot of my time researching what other brands or influencers and athletes are up too and also what’s happening in the industry.

I have found that I don’t spend endless amounts scrolling or following people I know from school etc. I’ve also noticed when people go on it loads around me – for me it’s my work so when I’m scrolling I feel like I’m still in work mode, so I’m working on not being on it after as much as possible.

You Get to Meet Cool People & Attend Even Better Events

My Instagram @chlohodgkinson shows this as I document everywhere I go too on here and this is probably why I get the DM’s asking for me job or if they can work with me. We stock Nike, adidas, Reebok and other similar brands so when they have big events on we get invited to cover on social media or access to their athletes and influencers for content purposes to promote their products. Then on top of that we often hold our own events and shoots to help market ourselves and create our own content.

But 90% of Your Job is Still In The Office

Yes, it might seem like on Insta that I’m always out and about but if we remember the popular phrase of ‘you only see someone’s best side on social media’ then in my case this is true. Sitting in the office working on proposals for different shoots and events or scheduling social media posts isn’t the most exciting part of my job but it’s the most crucial to make sure a) we get everything out of the event or time with the athlete b) I’m working to the right budget c) Everything goes smoothly.

You Can’t Roll With Every Idea That Pops Into Your head

Although if it works & is justified then you can… but working with budgets, brand opportunities, athlete and product availability are just some of things you have to take into consideration. Once an idea has formed, a proposal is made and budget worked out and sent on to appropriate people to get signed off and that’s when the planning can start.

You’re told what ranges are coming out nearly a year before they do, so before each season you know exactly what pieces you want to get your hands on which is great for outfit choices but bad for the bank balance.

There Is More To Shoots & Events That Meet The Eye

It’s not all workouts, brunch and Instagram. As mentioned above there is so much more that happens before and after an event or shoot. After all the planning, working to a budget and organising comes all the retrospectives, final costings and evaluations. So while the shoots and events are great fun you’re always switched on and looking at ways to improve and planning what you’ll do after the event/shoot.”

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Chlo xxx

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