Tapping into your younger self

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 19.38.58.pngIsn’t it funny how sometimes you can just sit and write and write and write.

How sometimes writing just feels well right?

I’ve always written even as a little kid. I remember writing stories. I remember thinking I’ll be an author and everyone will love my stories. Now while I am unsure you lot love these and this story isn’t one I’ve made up. I am publishing my own story. Which younger me is pretty buzzing about.

They say that if you’re ever lost or stuck then you should think back to what you did as a kid in your past time. For me it was teaching and collecting. Which is weird when a huge goal of mine is to educate people and I’m also a producer by day. I used to transform our spare room into my class room and teach my imaginary pupils and as a I grew older I started collecting every fashion magazine and making my own trend books.

It helps looking back at what I did when I was younger. What I got lost in. If i’m ever stuck I sometimes sit and think what would younger Chlo do right now?

To be honest I was probably making up some other imagine game. A top favourite of mine was playing horses where I’d transform our field into the most incredible riding stables and spend hours teaching imagine children to ride. Here I am educating and creating.

I have the weirdest imagination and this is why writing helps. It’s probably why I got so much into spirituality too. My head is strange and im finally learning how I express that.

Anyway, back to what we did as kids.

Whenever i’m stuck I look back and think what would younger Chlo do?

When we are kids we don’t even think, we just do what feels good. As we grow older society tryings to tell us what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Maturity stops us in our tracks. Our environment shapes our thoughts.

As a kid we just did what feels right to us. We just went with our own mind and thats what I believe we should get back to doing more of.

What do we enjoy doing? Where can find joy? Where can we laugh, get in our own heads more and just enjoying being.

It takes quite a bit of diving deep into our heads but it’s amazing to do so.

So let me ask you this – what did the younger version of you do? Do you still do some of that or are you stuck in the maturity cycle?

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