If you have changed, then so have they… right?

I’m the first to shout that people can change. I’m waving the flag for all us that have changed. I know that people can change because if you told 18 year old chloe that she wouldn’t be going to the gym 7 times a week and would do yoga over HIIT… oh and meditate I’d have laughed and told you to eff off. 

I have a bigger heart, I care more. I’m more optimistic… 

I had to stop writing then. Because I thought actually I have always been caring so have I changed? Or has my personality started to show, just more unapologetically? 

I think I’ve just managed to contradict myself in the space of 5 seconds. Wtf. Lol.

Now I guess I’m asking something…

Do people change or are they just more self aware? More mature? Know themselves more? Is that even a change? 

Because looking back I’ve always cared a lot but I guess it sometimes got suppressed with the need of being perceived as normal & good enough. 

Ok ok I’ve got it. I think. 

WHAT IF. Everyone does have it in them to be the kindest and most loveable people but their limiting beliefs hinder them? 

WHAT IF. With age and some time alone you are able to peel back the onion to reveal those? 

Oh I don’t know. I’ve confused myself now. 

I just wanted to share that I have an epiphany yesterday. 

‘If you can change so much Chlo, why can’t others? Let your past go’ 

I don’t know about you but sometimes I can find myself declaring things about people that I don’t even know anymore. 

We’re holding onto our past, holding onto who they were. But if you can notice changes in yourself and you were able to change then you can bet your bottom dollar (love that saying lol) that everyone else has changed too. 

Whether for the good or bad that also isn’t for you/us/me (dunno what tense I’m talking in now) to judge or even know. 

Just like you (ok I’m talking to myself so when I say you I mean me as if it’s a journal feature ok) … 

Just like you are proud of how much you’ve changed and know that not many people know you anymore it’s important to remember that this has most definitely happened to others too. 

So Miss Hodgkinson you can quit the whole ‘this person is like this because..’ because actually you have no bloody idea.

If you can change, if your world has changed. Then theirs would/could too. 

Rewrite your thoughts on others. Wipe the slate clean. Let your past go. Learn more. 

and if you lot reading this knew me a few years ago, I ask you from the bottom of my heart whether you could do the same please x 

(Coz I’m a lot weirder now lol) 

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