Daydream Your Way To Happiness

Why day dreaming is your soul singing. 

I’ve always done it. I spend half my life with my head in the clouds. I don’t why but it’s just so nice up there. You can be who you want, live a life of your highest desires or even better live any life you like. 

I’ve also always been a huge acting lover so any chance to get into character and go for it and I’m there. Day dreaming is exactly that but you don’t need to worry about messing your lines up or whether someone enjoys it because it’s all you. 

I think as society we’ve shunned daydreaming as a waste of time but I genuinely believe that’s because some of the very ideas come from daydreaming. Some spiritual leaders believe that stuff like this & meditation etc was seen as negative to suppress people’s inner power & keep everyone abiding by the rulers rules… but that’s for another time.

They say you should always do what you did as a kid. I was so confused by this because I was everything. I’d be outside taking care of my riding school before it suddenly changing into my naughty class and me having to tell them off and they had to stand by the wall (anyone else have a naughty wall I’m their junior school?) 

When I made cakes I was on a cooking show or I was a teaching a food tech class. When I was painting my nails I was running my own salon (I once filed my nails down the skin). When I was revising I was teaching school kids the lessons. 

I must have looked (and sound like) I’ve lost the plot. Imagine my parents looking outside the window and seeing me chatting away to things to the normal eye weren’t there but to me they were. 

I used to pretend to ride a horse round the field while my Shetland pony was tied up and watched on probably very confused – but it wasn’t his turn to be exercised yet, it was Annie the giant show jumper that had a big national event the next day. I’d even go to bed excited and nervous to wake up and take Annie to the show. Of course this wasn’t real, in real life anyway, but in my head it really was. 

I’ve been a homeless person who lives under my trampoline but that game didn’t last long as it didn’t make me feel nice. I once sang outside in my dads garden pretending the birds were sat on my arms… my step mum came out and asked if I was ok (the neighbours could hear) let’s just say I don’t have the pipes of Beyoncé in real life, but during that time, I truly was Snow White. 

So when they say do what you did as a kid and I’d be like da fuk? How does my imagination help people? 

Yesterday at 24 years old my younger Chlo came out as I woke up 3 weeks into isolation and living by myself – I followed my intuition. You’re on a yoga retreat or on holiday Chlo. 

The sun helps. But I treated the whole day as if I was on holiday. I walked, yoga’d, sunbathed, ate fruit and drank Prosecco as the sun went down with an Ibiza chill out playlist on. It was exactly how we live our life when we go to Spain. 

I’ve had a lovely few days and I want to share that with people. People always say I’m optimistic but is it that or do I just spend time daydreaming my dream life that I make it my reality? 

So I wanted to share people an insight into my brain and today I started ‘Hodgy’s Not Quite Ibiza Retreats’. My main goal is to make isolation a little easier for everyone using the power of day dreaming and living as if. 

Head to my Instagram for the full day xxxxx 

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