Our Thoughts Become Our Reality

Maybe just don’t do It if it’s going to hurt Chlo ?

It’s a simple yet effective task that. 

You know, just avoiding doing things that are probably going to hurt you. You know, like looking at the news for way longer than you anticipated, for following that person that makes you feel shit, for stalking someone from your past. 

Why do we do it? Does it come back to that self sabotage thing? The fact that society shuns us for having fun and feeling happy. 

I don’t really know where im going with this today apart from I went to go on someones instagram that quite frankly makes me feel like shit and just as I was about too a little voice said to me ‘whats the point’ and stopped me. 

It just guided me to open up my Mac and talk about it. 

Self sabotage is a funny one isn’t it. 

Our ego is very much there to protect us, to stop us doing anything that might harm up, that might in flicked change and while the ego has a very important job in protecting us it can often do us more harm than good. 

The ego and your intuition is so hard to tell the difference between too because the ego feels so comfortable. Our ego is the thing that keeps us in the comfortable spaces, the usual spaces. The ego is the thing that will keep us stagnant and not going after our goals and our dreams.

Our ego is the thing that keeps us routed and is the thing that tells us to dream so big but it’s only there to keep us safe. 

But real growth comes from uncertainty, real growth comes from uncomfortable positions, risks and often shit situations. 

We are all going through growth at the moment whether we see it as that or not and I for one have found I’ve had emotions and past situations brought to the surface to shine a light on for me to acknowledge and heal.

The relationship with myself and my body I’ve learnt has come down to a subconscious story of not feeling safe. My ego got comfortable with not feeling safe in my own skin, my go too is to lock myself away and to not get hungry. It’s like the loneliness and the lack of food numbed the feeling of not being safe. 

I’ve worked through that. Affirmations, tarot cards, journalling and meditation has got me daily reminding myself that I am safe, I am worthy and I am enough. 

Other feelings like imposters syndrome or that worry im not good enough have risen. Worried im not doing enough at work and then worrying because im working at home what if they think im not doing anything? Worry worry worry. Worrying that all comes down to the deep stories I told myself for years that I wasn’t good enough, that I needed to be better, that I needed to strive for more. 

Today on a call with a friend I was giving her some pearls of wisdom from the many books I’ve read and while I was relaying the information to her I couldn’t help but realise that actually these words were for myself. 

I’ve got this big pull recently to head to a beach the opposite side of the river from me, it’s where I keep having these huge epiphanies and thats where it was today. 

I was talking about how the universe knows what we desire when we launch the first rocket up, when we first declare it. Just like the waiter knows what we want when we order it. We wouldn’t keep going to the waiter, how long, how long, is it coming, when’s it coming and checking he knew what we ordered, every 5 minutes would we? Yet I often find myself doing that with the universe. 

Instead when we order food, we just enjoy the time while we wait. We have good conversation, we may laugh and really connect with others and enjoy it until it comes and then when it comes, it’s exactly what you ordered (99% of the time anyway).

This is exactly the same thing with the universe. The universe delivers when we are on the same frequency to what we desire. If we are constantly asking and checking on our manifestation from a state of fear that the universe will get it wrong (or the waiter has forgotten) it won’t come to us as quickly as we’d liked. 

We have to tune into the frequency of the manifestation that we have asked the universe. So if you’re wanting to manifest more money, what is the feelings you’ll feel when you have that money? Or if you’re wanting to go on holiday – what are the feelings you’ll feel on that holiday? Those are the feelings we need to embody now. 

We need to connect to the universe through the frequencies of the things we desire. I often forget this and through writing and meditating bring myself back to the realisation that by focusing on love, joy and gratitude then I will constantly manifest more of that into my life. 

My appreciating and loving where we are right now allows us to get on the same frequency as even more good shit. By focusing on what we don’t have and constantly asking for it, we’re on the same frequency as what we are focusing on. 

We manifest what we think about. So let’s all check out thoughts and make sure we are thinking of love and joy. 


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