I’m Chlo & welcome to my site – a place I like to call a hub for creating happy energy!

I’ve been on a little journey, nothing drastic has happened to me which im forever grateful for. Im not hearing declaring a story of how I over came dramatic trauama but I was a a niave young girl desperately needing to love herself without a clue on how.  

I remember grabbing my stomach in the bath when I was about 7 or 8. I remember grabbing my armpit fat and comparing myself to my tall skinny friends. I was brought up in a culture where food was bad and diets were normal, so I started on my own fitness journey originally in a quest to be skinny. 

At 15 I’d probably tried most diets. At 16 I started running as being called a slob, which quickly became therapy. That was the start of this huge journey of making mistakes, educating myself, making a few mistakes, messing with hormones, over eating and then under eating, over training and health issues. I went through this journey all by myself. 

I didn’t know what information was fake and real. I followed every diet and failed every diet. I started way before influencers were a thing and then went with the trends as influencers grew. 

It left me exhausted, destroying relationships, miserable, cold, coffee dependent and without a menstrual cycle. I’m still paying for the damage I did to my body. 

I’ve learnt so much on this journey, I’ve changed my life. I’ve got a dream career, I graduated uni with a 1stclass degree, i have embarked on this incredible spiritual journey and mindset is the best it’s been. 

I genuinely love my life. 

I genuinely wake up every morning with something positive to day.

I’m genuinely grateful that I can share my journey, share my story and share my experiences in hope that you too can live your very best life by having a strong and healthy body and mind. 

My goal is to empower you to reach for the stars and to create your own dream life. 

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born & the day you find out why
– Mark Twain.