How I did it.

 Gran Canaria July 2012 & Zante June 2014                     

This is two years difference and I feel I’m finally happy to share my results and how I did it. With extreme determination I have now lost nearly 2 stone but have transformed lots of fat into muscle. In the 2012 picture I was a size 10/12 weighing around 10.9 and am now a size 8 and fit into some 6’s weighing 8.12.

I have found that lots of people go by weight, however if you are exercising as well as dieting which I found you need to do in order to achieve maximum benefits then you will be building muscle and loosing fat. Muscle weighs more than fat and therefore although naturally you will loose some weight many get disheartened when the amount of weight they have lost is minor… I’ve found the best way is by progress pictures and my measuring the size your body.

I will post more about different exercises and my diet in other posts but I firstly wanted to share that it is possible while living a normal lifestyle… By that I mean having a few weeks off and still enjoying yourself by eating out and going out.

Cutting my intake on carbs and sugar and increasing my protein intake are the main factors when it came to changing my diet also participating in classes at the gym and not just going into the actual gym myself really helped. I’m the sort of person that struggles to keep myself going so by being in a class and being told what to do really helps me, surrounding yourself with people with the same goals also helps.

Always have a goal and be determined and self motivated to get to that goal. I found it so hard as my family weren’t hugely into their fitness so it was all down to self control and ensuring I was staying focused on my goal, after my holiday I haven’t gained weight but I have lost definition and muscle mass, but it’s ok because I’ve learnt along the way that it’s ok to fall off the wagon and I just have to pull myself together again.

I can’t even say it has been that hard because I feel so much better when eating the right things… Saying no to cakes and chips have been the hardest things but the exercise is incredible and I love every second of my workout… Or I love it after the workout anyway… Not necessarily during!!

Before I found it so hard to find someone who had achieved results following simple rules and a diet that is doable that wasn’t qualified in the fitness industry and was just a normal female trying to get into shape… so I thought I would start posting more about my diet and exercises.

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Plymouth half marathon

Today I ran the plymouth half marathon and completed it in 1 hour 55 minutes!! So so proud of myself so … That’s basically my excuse to not blogging in about 3 weeks plus I’ve been Ill 😦 

I’ve been so so busy training, being Ill ( and feeling sorry for myself) and revising for exams I’ve had to put this aside… It’s broken my heart but I’m back 💪 and will try keep up to date! 
I went on a massive shopping spree a few weeks back and brought so much 🙊
Jelly shoes x2 
Mom jeans (see previous blog) 
Crop top blah blah blah 
My absolute favourite item is this gorgeous blue crop top… Friends have decribed this as a ‘slutty Dorothy outfit’ from wizard of oz 😂😂… But what do they know ✋😂

I think I’ll paid this up with white loafers and highwaisted jeans from topshop…. 😏
this week I really can’t get over the fact that there is two bank holidays so close together!!!! I didn’t go out last bank holiday but am so going out this time and I can’t wait to post my outfit up!! 
Anyway, will get back on it I promise ✌️
Speak soon