The Thoughts / Feb

A short month but certainly not short in thoughts…

No beer for a year? Could you?
Reckon you could take on the challenge of no alcohol for a year? Well, you can! With the support from The sight gives you loads of information and regular tips to stay focused with the idea of giving up alcohol for 30/90 days and then to potentially carry it on for a year. At the moment they are offering their £5.99 E book on giving up alcohol for FREE. So if you’re to cocky for cocktails, you can take on the challenge!

Conquering the World 1 Top at a Time/
Worry no more about lack of motivation… this top will remind you & everyone else exactly what you’re capable off. You can get the limited Edition top now at Active in style… mine’s on order!

Organ Crushers/ 
AKA Waist trainers … Hoping they had been left in 2015 it’s clear they bloody haven’t. Celebs are still wearing them & they are still all over social media but will waist trainers ever stop? I was on the train and saw a girl wearing a waist trainer under her top, I couldn’t help but squirm … Her poor organs.

Spirulina isn’t all the bad. Right, so a proper protein super food & apparently absolutely disgusting, but I’m not sure whether I’ve just destroyed all of my taste buds but I actually didn’t find it that bad! It’s high in protein and antioxidants & comes in powder form. I chuck it in my smoothie or take a shot it in the morning… an easy way to get more protein in your diet!

The NewyearNutri Guide/
Across social I have been showing this guide, but this NewYearNutri guide is perfect for tips, hints & motivation to help you on your Fitness Journey… I wrote in this guide too along with other bloggers.. see here.

Mind & Life/
Something leaving your life is only making space for new things & if it’s a person? Well then maybe they were just passing through & weren’t meant to stay.

Sunny Side Up

Meet Ralphy. A Ralph Lauren vintage shirt made into a dress… amaze ey. I wish I could say that I was the one that made it but really I picked up this summer piece from a Vintage shop in Shoreditch back in March but I haven’t had the time to blog it. 
I am a massive lover of anything baby blue and I love a dress I do. One off pieces are my fave, if you head over to my Instagram you can check out the multi-coloured jumper I managed to grab on the day I got this dress too, bloody warm, bloody bright and bloody brilliant. I tend to wear these bright pieces depending on my mood, some days you’ll see me in all black, yano, to send a warning that today I’m a witch. I’m joking but on a summer day I do tend to dress in more bright pieces and maybe slightly odd pieces… if you seen the vine with the Crocs?
then this tends to happen to me often, not with Crocs may I add, but I tend to own quite a few way out pieces that a lot of my friends are unsure how they even got past the design department without the fashion police sending them down.
My most recent amazing purchase is a bag I bought while out here in Spain (oh, i’m in Spain if you didn’t know) – you can check this on my Instagram – chlohodgkinson. 
Add my snapchat – chloehodgkinson for more on my holiday.
Anyway, i’m off to enjoy the Spain sunset and a BBQ… just to rub it in. 

This weather though…

How incredible is this weather? How nice is it to sit in the sun all day now I’ve finished uni? I wouldn’t know. I have been non-stop working just to try and make up for the ridiculous amounts of money I spent on my mad few weeks. Do you know what’s worse? On my mad few weeks, I brought a £40 shirt dress. I shouldn’t have done and to make myself feel better I blame Kate [] for telling me she likes it. You see I actually think this is my problem I’m so easily influenced when it comes to things like going out or buying clothes.

‘Chlo, shall we go out?’
‘Naa I’m staying in’
‘Oh come on, let’s go out’
‘Okay, see you in 10’

I just can’t say no. Anyway, I tend to avoid Urban Outfitters simply because if I go in I will buy something and 90% of the time I’m trying to save, but this once, being the silly fool I am, I went in and brought something and do I regret it? NOPE. It’s amazing and so bloody functional… I love an item I can wear with so many things – night out, on the beach, with jeans, winter/summer this shirt dress will remain in my wardrobe all year round that’s for sure.

Pairing with my vans and a simple jacket to keep it casual and cool but I would not hesitate to squeeze on a pair of massive heels and jewellery for a night out.