Top Picks: Trainers for every occasion

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.08.26.pngWith active wear booming, i’m going to make it easier for you to understand… Ok, so if you follow me on insta ( @chlohodgkinson ) you may have seen me sorting out active wear wardrobe and the amount of messages I got about how many trainers I have was hilarious. I also get a lot of questions about which ones are best for what, so i’ve broken it down you guys and here are my top picks:

For Weightlifting:

For running:

For Gym Training sessions:

For Beyond The Gym:

What are your go to trainers? Are you as obsessed as me?
 Love Chlo xxxx

Decathlon / Sports Bra







Boasting 28% more support than a conventional bra, this sports bra has answered my HIIT dreams. Designed for running, this bra offers incredible support for impact exercise even for the smallest amongst us. It’s often thought that for small breasts, sports bras aren’t all the important but it is said that high impact exercise can stretch ligaments in the boobs causing them to ‘sag’ []… meaning even those A cups should pay attention to getting the right support.

So when I got sent through this sports bra from Decathlon I was super excited to put it to the test. I took it straight to the gym & put it through its paces rating it on support & comfort out of 10:

Treadmill:  Support 10 / Comfort 10
Stair Master: Support 10 / Comfort 10
Training Abs: Support 10 / Comfort 10……

……I’m not even going to carry on with the rest because I think you get where I’m going with this. The cups fit perfectly, snug while still allowing room to move and breathe.
You’ll more often than not find me wearing black in the gym but I’m loving this pattern to add something different to your outfit…so not only is supporting & comforting, it also looks good too.

I’m also such a geek when it comes to technical fabrics in sportswear and this bra has some pretty cool technical features too..

No Seam – stoping chaffing
Moisture transfer – breathable materials & perforations inside the cups – no damp boobs for us
Equarea Control fabric which actively reduces odours during & after running – I’m not sure this means you should skip the deodorant, though!

The bra comes in four colours & are currently at £19.99 available from … I love this bra so much I’ve even ordered the green one! You can buy yours here … follow me on Instagram @chlohodgkinson and tag me in your Decathlon sports bra’s, I’d love to see how you’re rocking them, using the hashtag #yoursport also gives you the opportunity to feature on Decathlon’s Instagram page!

Hope you enjoy as much as I do…
sponsored post – I got given this sports bra – opinions my own

End of week 1 & London Fashion Weekend

So week 1 is done and to be honest, taking away the commuting, I’ve had a good week and have learnt so much about digital software – social and web.

If you want, I mean you don’t have too, but you can go to Women’s Health Mag online and see my favourite sorbet recipe … my name is even on the site.. basically famous. Oh and i’m classed as ‘online assistant’… isn’t that fancy.

You’ll all be happy to know i’m no longer getting lost around London, I even ran to the station Wednesday night (1.8 miles with my laptop in my bag, coat and non running gear) just to catch the earlier train – which made me think, if I ran through the centre of Exeter or Plymouth people would think i’m weird. Run through the centre of Piccadilly Circus, which is full to the brim of workers and tourists, past old Bucky palace and through the station and no one looks once let alone twice. I made the earlier train, just, and with sweat pouring off me I had to stand up most of the way which caused difficulty mentally and physically when it came to recovering from the run. Making my situation worse the train only come in 15 blooming minutes earlier than the later one!
On the plus side of things, I get some great pictures on my walk… which brings me onto another thing.. why do Londoners not care about selfies? If I see someone taking a selfie on their own I automatically chuckle like ‘what a gimp’ but so many people do it and no one cares… so I put it to the test. I took two selfies and NO ONE cared – to be honest people have probably got better things to do than look at a sweaty 19 year old thats probably lost in London take a selfie. (selfies below)

just me waving to liz

I was lucky enough to have a half day today which meant I could pop down to Summerset House to London Fashion Week, I went last year, so it would be rude not too go. As I walked through, I got asked if this lady could take a picture of me for fashion at London Fashion Week, well would be a bit weird if she wasn’t posting about fashion there but yano. So I put my posing to the ultimate test and I am now on their Instagram and Twitter pages tehehehehee exciting tehehehehe. – I think one lady thought I was actually important or something as she took a picture of me as well… I’m on a random persons phone now… possibly forever…hmm… not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway Jean-Pierre Braganza’s catwalk was great and the collection was incredible – watch out for blog up very soon about my favourite pieces.

How has your week been?

Day 1 as an Interner – 10 things i’ve learnt

So today was my first day as an intern at women’s health. 
These are 10 things i’ve learnt, do what you like with these 10 things, learn from them, laugh at me, tut at me but whatever you do, don’t do the same as me.

1. Always wee before you leave the house – So in Devon, I can normally hold on until I reach my destination because not everything is over 1 hour away and you don’t have to pay 30p simply to pee. Poet. So, my bladder got a huge workout this morning, franticly trying to find my way round London just to find a free toilet.

2. Take enough food – So my plan was to get lunch out, that was fine, I had a lush avocado and chicken salad from Itsu. I also had a smoothie, apple and carrot sticks – to last me from 8am-8pm. Not happening. I’m writing this post while my gut is eating itself on the train home, I feel like passing out and I must realise… coffee is not enough & buy more food

3) Don’t rely on technology – So I relied on my trusty iPhone that decides to turn off every now and then to navigate me around central London. The maps are hard to read as it is and to top it off, on the way back, in the dark may I add, the maps decide to tell me London Victoria doesn’t exist. Obviously just lies, maybe maps were starving hungry as well, but who knows, all I can say is don’t search for a good 10 minutes trying to find London Victoria and then fill me with panic when you tell me Victoria doesn’t exist. IT DOES EXIST! It didn’t that help my sense of direction is none existent and the policeman I asked can not direct at all ‘go down there darling (pointing to a wall) then right, then walk in that direction’ – top cheers mate. Im buying a London map tomorrow A) so I know where i’m going and B) it’s so much fun to look like a tourist.

4) Don’t run just because you have trainers on – I ran down the Buckingham Palace drive, simply because everyone else was, I felt like I should join in with my trusty new Nikes on.. but.. I had a rucksack with my laptop in and clothes on that weren’t suitable for running in, so I actually looked more stupid than I did walking, it was also ridiculously uncomfortable.

5) Don’t think transcribing an interview will be quick – It’s not, 3 hours later, I was still going.

6) Buy your travel tickets the day before – This is if you have no idea what to do, it didn’t help matey boy couldn’t explain properly – hmmm a lot of people don’t seem to be explaining properly, maybe it’s me and i’m just thick.

7) Wrap up warm – London is bloody freezing at night, I couldn’t hold my phone in my hand, not that I needed it with my maps not working

8) Remember not everyone is out to kill you – My paranoia was out in full swing.

9) Remember going to a body combat class twice a week does not make you invincible – In my mind, I genuinely think this.. my paranoia was calmed when I remembered I did body combat (my reason ill be ok in any situation is ‘its ok i do body combat) however, if someone attacked me, a fitness class based on martial arts to music t is probably not going to help.

10) Don’t think you’re just going to watch everyone do the work –  I was full on stuck in researching and emailing different bits of research I had found, welcome to the world of work chlo. 

But overall, working at Women’s Health is an experience and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week, let alone month has to bring in… eeeeekkkkk!