Reasons You Might Not Be Losing Fat

Reasons You Might Not Be Losing Fat


Feel like your constantly trying to shift fat? You’re probably not alone but i’ve been doing some research for you guys & here are the top reasons you might not be losing the fat that you’re wanting….

  • Estimating portions wrong

This is a huge one because although you may not be eating loads and loads. So many of us are really unaware about the portion sizes and calories can creep up without us realising. For example a table spoon of nut butter may not seem a lot but it could be 200 cals+, same with the amount of olive oil you drizzle on your salad to increase healthy fats. I would never ever say to cut out these foods or to opt for lower cal foods as they have so many benefits for the body but I really would recommend weighing out your foods & investing in some scales to keep portions reasonable.

Try this as a guideline:

Meat & protein: Palm Size

Starchy Carbs : Size of clenched fist

Green Veggies: 2 hand cups

Fats: Thumb

  • More common – not eating enough!

This is actually one that so many ladies come to me with. Serial dieters suffer from this because we are constantly told from the media to eat less & move more. However, the issue is that this often leads to us undereating drastically what our body needs so instead of losing fat our body with stop losing the fat to survive & stop cell growth from this like hair, nails and giving us lovely skin. I recommend getting a professional to help you work out the amount of food you should be eating – holla if you need some help!

  • You’re Way too stressed

Increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) is said to lead to weight gain while more research suggests that those who have less than 6 hours sleep at have higher levels of grehlin the hormone that stimulates hunger! If you’re feeling quite stressed I recommend a bath, turning your phone off & getting some early shut eye – not possible? Try practising some yoga or going for a walk instead of your usual weights/HIIT session.

  • Don’t Eat Enough protein

Protein is not only the building blocks of our muscles but can help speed up metabolism and keep us fuller for longer. Try going for 1-1.3g of protein per kg of body weight & if you’re really active increase it more. Guidelines suggest 30% of your diet to become from protein.

  • Relying on Gym sessions

Staying active through out the day is so important to help calorie burn, it will be less strain on your body & will go nicely with your high intensity workouts. Don’t rely just on that hour in the gym, get up from your desk as much as you can to get some steps in. I recommend investing in a Fitbit or similar to keep your steps up![amazon_link asins=’B019VM3CPW,B06X9K4V7Y,B01LW2TH3Y’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’hlohodgkinson-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’0d68e437-f9ee-11e7-aa3b-a5be7356686b’]



Do you have any tips?

Love Chlo xxx

5 Tips On Staying Active

5 Tips On Staying Active


It’s getting colder and the Christmas stress is creeping up on us so I thought i’d share with you my top tips on how you can stay active!

/ Plan

Plan your week and your workouts/activity. Once it’s scheduled in and you’ve been able to work them in around your every day life. Can you record your favourite programme and catch up later? Or even do a workout during Bake Off? Find what works for you, write it down and that way you could be more likely to stick to it.

/ Grab a Mate 

This is shown everywhere isn’t it, but research does suggest workout out with a friend makes us more commited but also push ourselves further! One researcher found that those who exercised with a someone who they thought was better than them increased their workout time and intensity by as much as 200% – jeeeez! 

/ Head to a Class 

Whether it’s just so you don’t have to think about a workout or want to try something new. Working out in a class enables us to switch off motivation, we just need to show up and do it! Wicked… working in a class could help keep us motivated while being around loads of people too!

/ Watch Out of Distractions

Be mindful about what situations could arise that make you stop being active. Family parties or even every day life stresses can cause us to give up all together. Notice possible distractions or trigger points and then learn to rest and take time out where needed rather than quit – To avoid stopping altogether, plan when you’re next able to be active!

/ Invest 

Whether it’s your own treadmill to avoid rainy runs that never happen anyway or to help push you really hard in the gym with a PT, investing some money into being active could encourage you to use it – you spent the money on it after all!

How do you stay active?

Love Chlo xxx

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6 Times My Health Kick Was Once Bad For My Health

Those blooming health kicks, from fad diets to diet pills the industry is booming with so-called health kicks. It’s scary that as a fitness and health blogger for sometime to look back at even times that I was blogging and sharing my journey that actually what I was doing to improve my health was actually hindering. Here I’ll share you 6 times my health kick was bad for my health… and I had no idea.

/ Not Eating Enough

This is one of the most common I see in clients, especially serial dieters. A lot of us don’t actually eat what our bodies need and that can be so scary. Starting a few years a go and only ending last winter I was a huge under eater, I worked out recently that in those times I was eating roughly 1000 cals a day but binged at weekend. I binged because by the weekend came I had deprived myself so much that I craved sugar and carbs and when giving myself a little bit simply couldn’t stop. My sleep was horrendous as was my mood and was there any fat loss or muscle toning? Absolutely not… just a fluffy, bloated pouch on a somewhat skinny body.

/ Over Training

Unfortunately while I was under eating also came over training. I was a huge fan of HIIT and although I still am when it comes to fitness levels and fat loss, I did this 6-7 days a week and completely exhausted myself. You see, HIIT puts your body in a stressed state and can be really harsh on the body especially if you’re doing lots of impact stuff e.g burpees and jump lunges, which I was. I was running on adrenaline, yet carried on with the mindset of the more you do the better you are. Now I train 5x a week, might fit in HIIT 1x a week but mostly get my cardio from walking.

/ Cutting Out Carbs 

Jeez Louise, this was the worst one I have to say. I lived on a more or less protein diet… eggs, chicken with a tiny salad and repeat. I may have a tiny handful of raisins before gym but other than that carbs were a no go. The unfortunate thing is it’s destroyed my gut and my gut still pays the price now. I have a really sensitive gut from all the damage I caused it from my no-carb days. I would bloat every few weeks and was constantly constipated… it got to the stage that if I managed to go to the loo, I would tell everyone because it was so rare. I know TMI I’m sorry.

Now, I have a variety of carbs in my diet from oats and rice to sweet potato and berries. I have actually found not only do I have more energy but it’s given me a lot more shape to my waist and my muscles. I still monitor my carbs as my body strives off fats and protein but I would never ever cut them out again. I always ensure I have high fibre foods like chia seeds too… you can find the recipe for my chia seed pudding on my youtube!

/ Taking Laxatives

A bad 15 year old that listened to whatever the internet told her. This I remember was a bad time. I spent my time looking at myself in the mirror grabbing my unwanted fat, I would cry in the bath and be unhappy in myself … but was also completely uneducated. I had no idea why I was fat (I wasn’t actually that fat), why I had fat, how I had fat and wtf I could do about it. I heard that laxatives helped lose weight, so I popped to boots and brought shop brought constipation relief tablets… I think I got up to taking 6 a day at one point. It was so uncomfortable, embarrassing and surprisingly didn’t work… FYI, this much have also played a part in my sensitive gut.

/ Obsessing Over Calories or Fitbit 

Probably a most recent one. I started tracking my food to ensure I ate enough and I brought a Fitbit. I love love love both. I love knowing what’s in my food and ensuring I have enough calories and macros through out the day. From my under eating days it’s still very natural for me to under eat unintentionally, not a chance would I eat the amount I do unless I saw I had too! However, the flip side is that it can become obsessive, I went through a tough time of having to eat below my calories.. weird I know and also had to hit over my goal on my Fitbit. Both things can be amazing if you’re in control of it, if you feel like you’re obsessing then I recommend coming off them for a few days. I only track mon-fri when I’m working and need the calories now and then weekends I sign out of My Fitness and chill… I want to fuel my body not obsess over it.

/ Following People On Social Media 

A funny one as you’d think it won’t directly damage health but I found myself following people who made me question my own body, what I did, how I looked and what I did. I found myself copying people that A) had completely different bodies to me B) completely different lives C) completely different goals… Social media can often make you question yourself. So question yourself before social media does… question everyone you follow, how does each time they upload a picture make you feel? If it’s negative… give them an unfollow.

I wrote these not only because I’ve learnt a lot from all 6 and wanted to share them with you but I want to try to prevent these situations happening to you too. 
Love as always 
Chlo xxxxx

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5 Ways You Can Be More Active

If your goal is to be more active keep that in the centre of your mind when you’re doing your everyday activities. Being mindful about your goals and your lifestyle is a great way of keeping on track, here are 5 ways you can be more active…

– Walk where you can

It’s so easy to get into the habit of using our cars, whether it’s to pop to the corner shop or nip to see your gran the car is so much easier. Walking is great cardio and helps not only cardiovascular health but also helps burn calories! In a rush? Pick up datttt pace!

– Move your body every hour on the hour

This is my fave to do if im sat at home working all day! I’m a procrastinator unless I have a plan, so I tell myself every hour on the hour I can take a break and either walk up the stairs or do something that moves my body… BUT I have to get up out my seat!

– Meet Your Friends While Doing an Activity

Most of us tend to grab food or head on a night out, but a great way of being active is actually meeting your mates while doing something that gets us moving. A long walk to catch up or even a gym session togethers hits 2 goals of mine, to stay active & to be more social (I like my own company way too much)

– Take the stairs

Now, if you’re in company this may take some persuasion to get the other person to take the stairs with you but it’s such a simple hack you can do without even thinking!

– Do it for someone else

This is prob my fave. We actually tend to be rubbish at doing things for ourselves, we will talk ourselves out of running because we are ‘tired’. If you start being active for someone else it takes the need for motivation away, signing up to a charity event is the perfect example of this.

Summer is starting, so let’s be more active together!
See ya walking to Costa sistaaaa 
Chlo xxx

The Not-So-Glam Life of a PT

PT’s, the body changers, the body understanders and the weight changers. It’s given this glam status that ‘everyone’ now wants to be part of. Looking after your body and having a strong body is suddenly as fashionable as ever and when a PT can help give you that, well that’s simply amazing isn’t it! Fitness has been given this huge status of sexy now, but is it really as sexy as we all think???

The Clothing /

Yeah it’s tight and shows off your hard work… but it will also show off any lumps and bumps you’re uncomfortable with. It’s only been in the last few years that fashionable and nice sports wear has become available on the mass but still nothing is the same as putting on your fave shirt and boots in the morning. As comfy as it is, it is very hard to glam up a pair of Nike leggings and jumper.

The Rest of your look /

Make up for me tends to be a big no-no and having proper done hair again tends to be tricky. When wearing gym kit in a full face of make up and proper perfectly curled hair tends to look odd, you could find yourself going for the minimum look which can actually be really boring… sometimes you want to get up in the morning and be sassy but when your job is about getting sweaty this tends to be difficult.

The Expectations /

ohhhhh you’re a PT but you’re eating a creme egg? yeah babe… as a PT or fitness blogger you’re expected to live your life like a robot. While some will never touch a creme egg I defo will… oh and the burger…oh and the fish and chips. I’m defo not going to chuck around the word balance here but you may often find yourself having to justify why you’re taking a rest day or why you’re eating some cake… FYI you don’t need to justify it but sometimes people expect you too.

The Shifts /

Think 6am gym starts that will finish by 9am, then a huge lull and you’re back in for evening clients at 4. It can actually be quite lonely, you’re free when no one else is and you’re busy when everyone else is coming home from work….

looool… i’ve made it seem so so shit, you guys know I love this industry but sometimes it’s good to have a little rant and moan yano???
if you’re in the industry .. how do you solve my struggles?
Chlo xxx

Brexit & Trump / & the Fitness Industry?

Ok, so this isn’t one of my normal posts but I do think it’s important to not ignore what’s happen in the world. You could kinda say i’m late to the party talking about this but i’m currently knee deep into the biggest research module i’ve ever done & I love it! Every day i’m finding more and more new research to help mould my uni project – but with so much info, it’s often hard to filter through the best bits… so I thought I would share some here! I’ve heard so so many people say ‘I don’t care, it won’t affect me’ about this whole Brexit or Trump thing but actually they could be wrong… i’ve looked at how what’s happening in the world could effect the fitness industry…. 

With the economy less stable, people could start to spend less. We have already seen the £ drop and the prices of things go up which means people will start to be more careful with their money – this could be a dangerous time for those in fitness. We are currently still undergoing the cultural change where health is considered a priority, but we aren’t quite there yet – This could mean that people don’t put their health first and start spending less on their health.

With potential uncertain times and potential less money for those of the younger generations or working class, we could potentially see a huge increase in the older generation participating in health & fitness activites. These are the ones with no bills or money issues compared to their offspring, add some more free time in the mix & the desire to be healthier, we could find our grans racing us to get the best spot in the gym class.

However, in contrast, with so much uncertainty we could see the industry continue to boom. People are worried about their futures and therefore could invest more time and money into their health? 

With the uncertainty, people could be more anxious about what’s happening in the world, we could see a rise in the ‘de-stressing’ type exercise, i’m talking pilates, yoga that kind of thing. To allow people to de stress and forget about the changes and stresses in the world. 

To help with anxiety they say having a plan & a goal could help with that…. * in comes the PTs & fitness industry*. People may love to have a plan and goal to follow as we have such hectic lives, their fitness journey could infact be how they escape and become grounded again from all the changes in the world…

I personally am concerned with everything that is going on in the world but after some industry professionals coming in to visit at uni & listening to them talk about how politics, Brexit & Trump has already effected their business I thought it would be interesting to analayse how it could effect mine – or even your lives when it comes to your health and fitness. 

I really hope what is happening in the world doesn’t affect you, your lives & your fitness journey & I hope this post has shown you the potential things that could happen, so you can act now if you wish.

love Chlo xxxx

Thought’s You Could Have / Joining the Gym this Jan

/ ‘shit, thats hugeee’ 
– talking about the actual blokes

/ ‘Where the eff does this go?’ 
– Meaning the safety clip on the treadmill, I mean i’m not even sure i’ve ever seen someone use it?

/ ‘up and down right?’
– Right, you’re squatting, down then up.. keep your back straight and don’t let your knees go over the toes.

/ ‘Why is everyone wearing headphones when the gym music is so loud?’
– They’re in the ‘zoneeeeeeeee’ babe, but yeah it’s rare you can hear your own music over the dodgy Spotify playlist

/ ‘Is she running faster than me?’ 

– running next to someone will always stay a competition beginner or not

/ ‘Should have just gone to costa’ 

– my tip, go to costa first for a black Americano, i guarantee you’ll be ready to smash your session

/ ‘Can they see my thong?’
– probably

/ ‘Do you reckon they can tell this kit is all knew?’ 
– still slaying more than that fool with the barely there vest p.s he knows you can see his nipples, i think he kinda likes it. 

/ Da fuck am i doing here?
– I feel like we all ask ourselves this one a daily about most things… but if you’ve made it to  the gym you’re doing better than Uncle Joe who laughed at you when you asked for activewear this christmas.

/ ‘I can’t wait for food after’
 – yes, even after all that christmas food it is actually possible to still get hungry … 

Enjoy the crazy rush of January Gym!!

Chlo xx

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