Confessions of a Fitness Blogger / #7


I think this is where my blog falls down the most, but I get so embarrassed asking people to take my picture & to make matter worse, I have a very limited supply of ‘good angles’.
I once even googled ‘how to get confidence to ask someone to take your picture’ – LOL 
There are only a few people in this world that I’d actually let take a picture of me for my blog.
But i’m working on it & if you want to see those pictures you can follow me on insta for #100healthydays stint that’s currently going on.
Do you get embarrassed by anything?
Chlo xxx

The Thoughts / March

It’s finally spring! The weather may not show it but the countdown to summer has begun and it’s time to up our game…

Quitting smoking/

A study found that if you’re trying to quit smoking the it turns out going cold turkey is the best. So chuck ’em out and spend your money on something healthier this spring. Source

Long Working Hours & Heart Disease/

University of Texas Health Science Centre’s study team analysed health records for 1,900 individuals during a long-term study about the work environment and conditions. They found those who worked 55 hours a week had a 16% high risk of Cardiovascular disease than those who worked 45 hours, with 35% higher risk for those working 60 hours a week. So, with the days getting longer, it’s time to relax a little a longer too. source

Crank up the Music/

The Journal of Positive Psychology found that listening to music “can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent,” according to Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., from London’s Brunel University School of Sport and Education. So, sack off the pre workout and get listening to a decent playlist… My favourite workout playlist at the moment is ‘Rage Radio’ on Spotify. source

Say Bye to Sugar/ 

Single mum of 3, Janey Holiday, set up ‘making things’ to help ladies live a healthier and happier life, offering motivational podcast’s to keep you on track as well as nutritional facts, this lady keeps you inspired and motivated through out the whole course. You can quit sugar and get fit using my favourite cardio! High-intensity interval training with this SUGAR HIIT programme, is sure to torch fat, increase your fitness and stable your mind. Start your sugar HIIT journey here.

HIIT it with NetWod/ 

Online workout’s are no longer a thing of the past, however, have you ever done a live HIIT class from the comfort of your own home? Now you can, offers professional coaching via a two-way video. You can grab a 7-day free trial which is even better, everyone loves a free trial. Join me & start your Network journey…

My Life / Healthy Intentions

The weeks of disappearing off to London & the illness has finally vanished, I’ve now got time to really focus on earning some money, working hard in the gym & saying no to those galaxy golden eggs. I mean, that’s when you’ve realised you’ve eaten too much, like when you actually go off creme eggs & ‘have’ to move onto something else…

So last week was my first week back, eating clean and training dirty & this week I’m determined to keep the fit train moving. Being someone that’s obsessed with organisation, setting goals have always been something that helps me stay focused… here is this week:


Ab-solutely ab attack
I ‘train’ abs quite a bit, I like the pain when I laugh the next day and I love the burn, it always makes me feel like I’m one step closer to that 6 pack. However, recently ab training has been half-hearted. This week I’m going to follow the HIIT max ab workout 1 – you can buy yours here.


Smooth up a smoothie
I’m such a bore when it comes to smoothies, I find one I can tolerate and that’s it, I stick to it. I’m going to try to be more adventurous… this is what i’m trying today 


Fasted cardio
‘Tomorrow I’ll get up and do fasted cardio early’ *turns the alarm on snooze*… if I’m not at uni, getting up for fasted cardio seems to be fine… sometimes. Recently, however, I’ve had a mare, I really enjoy fasted cardio (cardio before eating in the morning) but I just can’t seem to get myself out of bed on my day off! This week I will…


Get to bed early
I’m a sleeper, I can sleep anywhere and at any time. I can be catching flies within 10 minutes of the train leaving the station & on car journeys to London would be asleep before we even hit Exeter [15min drive from my house]. Although I can sleep anywhere, I need to still get to bed early, if I don’t  I can be miserable, honestly horrible [more than usual] & also crave food… 10:30 lights out. The Early bird catches the worm and all that…  women’s health gave us some sleep facts here


Stop bingeing
The end of the week, I’ve trained hard and eaten well & now uni is out for the weekend, sugar tends to be on the front of my mind. Not one chocolate bar will do, I tend to have 3 plus a bag of chocolate too. I’m a serial binge & although nearly kicked my habit of weekend bingeing, now my bingeing sometimes happens on a Friday, instead. Well, not this week….


Make it 3 weeks without drinking
Work have started putting me in for a Sunday shift, 10am-5pm. The perfect excuse for me not to go out on a Saturday night because no way will I get up and ready to work for 10. That feeling of waking up on a Sunday with no hangover & actually doing something with your day, is a feeling of pure bliss… it’s also a bit of a money saver.


Rest & Relax
I hate rest days, they are boring &, by the evening I feel fat. However, rest days stops me over training, which I do all the time, I then crash & crave crap. This week, I’m going to try and enjoy my rest day….

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The Thoughts / Feb

A short month but certainly not short in thoughts…

No beer for a year? Could you?
Reckon you could take on the challenge of no alcohol for a year? Well, you can! With the support from The sight gives you loads of information and regular tips to stay focused with the idea of giving up alcohol for 30/90 days and then to potentially carry it on for a year. At the moment they are offering their £5.99 E book on giving up alcohol for FREE. So if you’re to cocky for cocktails, you can take on the challenge!

Conquering the World 1 Top at a Time/
Worry no more about lack of motivation… this top will remind you & everyone else exactly what you’re capable off. You can get the limited Edition top now at Active in style… mine’s on order!

Organ Crushers/ 
AKA Waist trainers … Hoping they had been left in 2015 it’s clear they bloody haven’t. Celebs are still wearing them & they are still all over social media but will waist trainers ever stop? I was on the train and saw a girl wearing a waist trainer under her top, I couldn’t help but squirm … Her poor organs.

Spirulina isn’t all the bad. Right, so a proper protein super food & apparently absolutely disgusting, but I’m not sure whether I’ve just destroyed all of my taste buds but I actually didn’t find it that bad! It’s high in protein and antioxidants & comes in powder form. I chuck it in my smoothie or take a shot it in the morning… an easy way to get more protein in your diet!

The NewyearNutri Guide/
Across social I have been showing this guide, but this NewYearNutri guide is perfect for tips, hints & motivation to help you on your Fitness Journey… I wrote in this guide too along with other bloggers.. see here.

Mind & Life/
Something leaving your life is only making space for new things & if it’s a person? Well then maybe they were just passing through & weren’t meant to stay.