I’ll be happy when…

I’ll be happy when…

They say successful people are the ones that continue to show up. They say the happiest are the ones that live with fulfilment. 

What if you don’t know what fulfills you? What if we are constantly climbing the ladder? I’ll be happy when…. 

I’ll be happy when I’m skinny, when I’ve got through this project, when I’ve moved house, when I have a pay rise, when my boss likes me, when he falls in love with me. 

I like to think I’m pretty honest with you guys. I’ve always chased better, I’ve always chased happier.

I’ve suffered from ammenorhea for nearly 2 years now. I’m recovered now, this month I’ll have my period. I’m healthy now. I’m just waiting for it to come. But for so so many months the words ‘I’ll sort myself out after…’ we’re words that were constantly coming out of my mouth. 

I was burnt out, trying to always do more in order to find happiness. Trying to do more to be the healthiest, to be perfect. Nothing was ever quite enough… and if I thought it was for 2 seconds well then I’d push the boundaries some more. 

‘Give me 2 more weeks and I’ll sort myself out’

What even is sorting myself out? All I needed to do was stop for a second and look at what I had around me. I was actually able to be happy now, not then but I was so not present that it was impossible to see. 

I don’t regret anything in my life. Each experience shaped me now, developed me as a person. Good or bad choices, they’ve shaped my morals, my values and current story. 

What I am aware of now though is I visit places I’d been too before and noticed things I had no idea about. I knew I’d been there but didn’t remember a thing.

A while a go I visited Dartmouth with family, we got fish and chips. I knew me and my ex boyfriend went here when we were 18 once but I barely remembered it… I only remember thinking ‘I went gym straight after to burn them off’… madness. 

I missed out of enjoying company, having a laugh, new experiences because I was so focused on ‘becoming happy’ that I had no idea that actually happiness is found now. Happiness wasn’t going to be found when I was skinny, happiness was there in front of me I just couldn’t see it. 

I think that’s why I make such a big deal out of the small things now. Why gratitude is so important to me, why noticing and reflecting on the good things in everyday is so important. 

It’s mad when you actually stay focused on being present. It’s mad how much more of life you see, the relationships you build and the enjoyment you fill. 

Whenever you can, I urge you to stop at one point in your day and just notice something you’ve enjoyed today. Take some breathes and  ground yourself, look around you and realise that whatever journey you’re on you’re allowed to be happy now. 

You can find happiness and still want to grow. 

Love ya xxxx 

Pain vs Pleasure Theory

Pain vs Pleasure Theory

The pain and pleasure theory…. 

IGTV got me explaining more in words again. 

Tony Robbins introduces me to this theory. The theory that as humans we seek pleasure and avoid pain. That’s basically how we make decisions.

Would you like to go pub? 

At the moment your brain will associate pub with either pain or pleasure and that’s how you’ll decide what to do. 

Getting up for 6am gym when it’s cold, dark and rainy? 

Is the pain getting out of bed when your bed is so comforting and warm greater than the pleasure you’ll experience from going to the gym? 

You make that decision. Have a think about it, it’s in everything we do. Stomach growls giving us pain so eat to avoid the pain of hungry and we will eat something tasty to seek the pleasure. 

Understanding this theory has done wonders for me when it comes to making decisions and is one I’d really encourage you to think about. 

When setting goals Try this: 

  1. acknowledging change needs to be made. The first step is acknowledgement. You’ve noticed something that needs to change. This might be that you’re overweight or you’re really unfit. 
  2. Set your goals. You’ve acknowledged your overweight so you set a goal to loose weight. I’d recommend you then break down your ultimate goal into more specific and measurable goals… see manifesting post. This could be loose 1 stone by the time I go on holiday. 
  3. Find your why. Having a purpose to achieve this goal and a why really helps cement you’re goal in an emotional way. To loose 1 stone by the time you go on holiday. Why? Because then I feel good in a bikini and not want to cover up so can get a nice tan and feel happy sitting around the pool just like every other holiday. You’re going to want to remember your why when things get hard. 
  4. Set a plan. You may reach out to a PT, start a programme or start eating healthier and moving more. Each day from now on you’ll be faced with the pain and pleasure theory when it comes to working towards your goals. 

You’re at a party, you’ve enjoyed one bit of cake because the pain of saying no when it’s your favourite every cake is greater than if you were to allow yourself a small piece and enjoy every moment. You’re offered a second piece – here comes the decision, remember your why. Is the pain of saying no to the second bit greater than the pain you’ll feel if you don’t feel comfortable and happy on holiday? 

Tony explains that we are more likely to avoid pain than seek pleasure. For example, if you’re eating the yummiest food in the world but suddenly someone comes in threatening to kill you unless you stop eating it. No matter how delicious that cake was, dying is more painful… dramatic example but I think you get it. 

I use this theory to help me make more conscious decisions. Help keep me accountable and help make decisions that are aligned with me and my goals. 

I use the why part to help remind me and to make an emotional connection to my goal. 

I use goals to help have a purpose. 

I love having a purpose so my life stays interesting and fulfilled. 

Yours could too. 

Love as always legends xxxx 

How I Manifest

How I Manifest

If you haven’t seen my latest IGTV then you need to have a sit down with yourself and get watching…. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1HHhnKHQZu/

If you have then you might be finding yourself here because you want some more info on what I meant.

  1. Be Clear on what you want.

Ha this is a fun one. Partly because when I say be clear, I really bloody mean it. I’ve always found manifesting my desires quite easy. more so since I’ve become more self-aware and a bit more into this spiritual fun.

When I say that what you say and what you think will manifest I’m not lying and that’s why you have to be super clear.

I’ve manifested things into existence that I definitely said and thought but didn’t mean too…. or well I did but I wasn’t clear enough.

One day I’ll share my experiences but right now I’m not in a place to share my big ones because they include other people and that’s unfair. But an example could be manifesting a new car… you get a new car and it’s not what you wanted, you wanted a VW golf but never asked for one so all you found were Honda’s.

  1. Get clear on exactly what you want and if you’re not 100% explore your desires. 

For me right now, I want success, happiness and to be able to love and receive in an abundance of ways. I’ve noticed that my lack of menstrual cycle when all my hormones are fine could be linked with my lack of being open to being loved. So instead of manifesting my period, I’m manifesting the feelings and lifestyle of who I’d be if I had a regular mensural cycle.

  1. Set Your Goal

So you know what you want. Now time to ask for it. I journal my goals and desires and create vision boards or write stories about my dream life.

My ultimate goal is to get my period back ultimately so I’ll set mini goals to get me there.

When writing goals make them measurable and achievable. For me, this would look something like:

  1. keep my stress levels low by having baths, breathing and yoga.
  2. Eat enough calories and carbs by having 3 large meals a day and always eating to satisfaction.
  3. Only train in the gym for a skill and enjoyment. Follow Adonis’ plan and keep up gymnastics. This stops any more stress and reduces chances of over exercising.
  1. Visualise it & Acting as if 

How would the you that’s achieved your manifestation live? How would you act, how would you feel? What would you do?

Work out how someone who already has what you want acts and actively take part in the activities that they do.

For me, I’d have to each month buy sanitary products. I’d be relaxed and be conscious of what time of the month it is. I’d have a sense of overall well-being, In my eyes I’d be oozing health. So that’s exactly what I’m going to act like. I no longer act as someone in recovery of amenorrhea but I speak as if I have a period, as if I’m fertile and visualise myself a MILF when I’m older, walking with my pram along the sea front and dressing the little legends in the best outfits.

  1. Be really Grateful 

It’s amazing to want to grow and change. It’s good to want to develop who you are and want more from life but and id say this is the biggest one you have to be grateful for what you already have.

I’m mega grateful that my lack of period made me realise how much I want to be a mum (MILF) one day. I’m so grateful that it’s made me educate myself on the importance of a cycle and fuelling  your body. I’m grateful I have the ability to make changes, I’m grateful for the ability to tell my story and journey, I’m grateful to still have be alive. I’m grateful for so many other things in my life.

Finding reasons to still be grateful in hard times is crucial to manifesting. Like attracts like so give gratitude and happiness and you’ll receive even more.

  1. Give 

I didn’t mention this on my video. But this is a step to include. Once you’ve asked for something go out and give more of yourself to others. The cycle of giving and receiving is so lovely. So in order to receive, go out and give some more.

  1. Don’t stress about it

The more you actively stress and obsess about a situation the more it won’t happen. Let it go, breathe through and trust the world has your back on this. I bet that when you’re least expecting it it will happen.

  1. Work for It 

While I’ve asked you to not stress about it you still have to actively work for it.

If you want the pay rise then don’t sit and just moan. Show up and show your employer you deserve that pay rise. The people who are on more than you, what do they do? (Refer back to step of acting as if)

Work on the goals you’ve set yourself. For me continuing the lifestyle of high stress wasn’t going to bring my period back. I’m going to need to actively work on my emotional releases, self love and fuelling my body if I’m going to have it back.

  1. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be right now 

This is sometimes one that people struggle with. But understanding that where you are right now is exactly where you’re meant to be is key. Knowing that whatever you’ve been through, whatever you’re going through is there an opportunity for growth and to learn.

For me my lack of period is a physical sign that my lifestyle wasn’t working for my body. It was an opportunity for me to make changes that would get me back on the right path and open up to new experiences. Without my amenorrhea I might not have even got into spirituality as a healing practise, I might not even have been able to share this with you guys.

Love your life even in times of shittiness.

Visualise yourself at your goal.

Believe in yourself.

Remember like attracts like. You’ll receive exactly what you give.

I promise you that you everything in you already that’s required to achieve your dream life, we’ve just got to tap into the tools.

Love ya legends xxx

Imposter’s Syndromme

Imposter’s Syndromme

I haven’t written like this in ages. I haven’t known what to say. I felt I didn’t actually have a anything to say. Even writing this sentence I still feel like i don’t.

I’m in the mist of imposters syndrome at the moment and after listening to Steven Barlett’s podcast on how if you have imposters syndrome is to simply just start. Just do it. Force yourself to just do it.

So here I am forcing myself. Forcing myself to share my journey because I want to help others. So, I guess it’s probably a good start to start with where i’ve been.

I guess its strange to talk like this because I love writing but I kinda feel like an imposter because i’ve changed so so much from some of these posts from when I first started this website.

I was a fitness addict verging on eating disorder thinking that this way of life was the only way of life that everyone should lead. I judged. I felt I was living the perfect lifestyle but I was actually one of the most unhappiest i’ve been.

I can already feel this bringing up emotions i’ve squashed for a few years. Eeek. But as Brene Brown says there is power in vulnerability and I want to share this kind of stuff in hope it really helps people, because how I feel about myself now is miles from how I used too. I guess I feel like i’m writing a guest post on someone else’s website – it’s definitely time for a refresh.

Anyway, yeah, so I judged. On the outside I looked like I had my shit together. On the inside I was hating my body, I was exhausted, destroying relationships and blaming others for things going wrong.

It’s a really strange feeling when you come out the other side of things isn’t it? It’s really fudging uncomfortable to call yourself out on your own shit.

I blamed everyone else for anything that went wrong. I was exhausted of just about everything. Even when things were going fine i’d self sabotage.

I keep seeing the quote ‘it take a strong person to call themselves out on their own shit’ and while thats what I keep telling myself when you realise some stuff it doesn’t half make you feel like a twat lol.

So let’s go back to being a full time PT. I’d be called miserable, because I was. I’d cause an issue about where to go out to eat or at meals in a bid to try eat the lowest calorie food possible. Trying to hold a normal conversation, even over dinner was near enough impossible because I was already having a full blown row in my own head.

I’d want to do something but could only do it if i’d been to the gym and would need to hit my 10,000 steps.

I’d want to eat what I wanted without allowing myself to eat what I wanted.

I wanted to be able to love but couldn’t let myself even love myself.

I wanted my dream career but didn’t have the energy to show up to put the work in.

I wanted my dream body but was starving the one I had.

I was preaching fitness and health while probably being one of my most unhealthiest.

In a bid to perfect, I was destroying what’s around me.

Some days I couldn’t even bring myself to smile.

I talk a lot about law of attraction and when looking back, law of attraction was playing just how it does. I hated myself, so received more negativity. I was so out of alignment to my true self that I destroying things around me.

All without anyone really noticing. I was good at hiding, good at blaming on other things, had great excuses and let ‘the healthy gym goer’ label take centre stage masking everything else.

I haven’t got to where I’d like to be. I still suffer from amenorrhea (lack of a period) from how I treated my body. I still often over work myself, exhaust myself and under fuel myself. I’m still not 100% of emotions that crop up. But I do look in the mirror and love the body i’m in. I do wake up every morning and do my morning gratitude and affirmations. I do manifest amazing things into my life. I do find a positive in pretty much every situation. I’m motivated and want to do some good in the world. I genuinely wake up every morning excited about life, liking who I am.

So while I might not be where I want to be. I am finally aware of how I used to be.

ahhhh its good to be back. I think these kinda posts are going to be featured more on here. It’s like having a convo with myself but exposing it, in hope that it helps others.

nervous to post this.

‘felt cute, might delete later’


omg just post it


posting now.

Team work – the team that made me & realising the team that made you

Team work – the team that made me & realising the team that made you

Haha on a plane again.. which means it’s time to write.

I’ve always been a little odd, always fitted in but been the one with some odd tendencies. During primary school in Kent, I always had friends but never had things in common. While everyone played other games I was happy playing horses or teachers. While everyone had a particular group I floated, some days I was playing football with the boys & Elizabeth – in my eyes an extremely cool girl playing with the boys. She was and may still well be a Tom boy and she owned it. I remember getting picked for teams, me and Elizabeth being the only girls and not getting picked last. I collected football stickers & cards but had no idea who the players were unless it was John Terry or Frank Lampard as I used to marry them in my make believe games. 

While everyone would go home & play on the trampoline I’d have my mums heels on stood on the side of an empty trampoline while my make believe class played on the trampoline while before long it was time to blow the whistle and call them back into class. My mum let me transform the spare room into my class – I still remember that feeling, walking in with my whiteboard on the wall ready to teach. Cor, honestly I felt like the ultimate boss… my own classroom, my own whiteboard pens. What a dream! HA 🤣🤣

My teachers & my mum have also been my inspiration. I’ve grown up around success and successful women with that – my teachers were mostly all female & my mum the ultimate girl boss. 

A single mum who built an incredible life for us all through financial services. My mums got grit, got the grind, got the power. The go get it attitude and I promise you she will go get it. She loves the nice things in life but has always taught me these don’t come easy – you work for them, you make sacrifices, if you want it you’ve got to work for it. She’s such a strong and powerful woman with a hella cackle and light hearted manner, she’s a great party girl and a proper crack. She’s taught me that you work hard and party just as hard. 

My Nan was the best student I had – she’s baby sit us while mum was out working and I’d ask her secretly (I’d actually whisper ‘just quickly nan, this isn’t in the game can you get some wrong so I can teach you’) and then I’d go straight back into my role as a teacher 👩‍🏫 Nan’s Victoria sponge is a childhood memory and so are grandad biscuits – he got diagnosed with diabetes so started only being allowed digestives. My love for those was deep with a cuppa – still is. Nan always loved to play, whether it was shops or teachers. We loved a cuddle and story at bed time, Nan coming round was the best time ever, Nan coming round was comfort & cuddles. Nan coming round meant mum was out hustling. 

I’ve always wanted to be successful, just like mum. I’ve always wanted to be mega cool, just like my aunts & step mum. Aunty Claire was the blonde beauty who looked 21 at 31, still does.. while Tracey & my step mum were edgy and cool – still are, I love how they wear funky things and do cool things without their hair and own it. They are away from the mainstream girls and I bloody love it. 

My stepmums laid back, adventure attitude who taught me so much about jealousy and just doing what you want to do and owning it. She taught me to embrace being different, to wear your hair crazy & that if people looked at you it wasn’t a bad thing. My step mum taught me about accepting people and choosing the right people. Accepting and embracing all of you, including the quirks. I’ll be forever grateful that she has chosen to have me as a daughter, she didn’t have too but we really are just a mum and daughter as much as her and my half sister is. 

My Nanna is the creative one. 3 bridesmaid dresses to be made? No prob. The room where the computer is kept has all her beads and sewing stuff in – I loved loved looking at it all. She also loves teddy bears, like LOVES. I guess I might get my creative edge from her? Looking back I think she taught me more on that whole thing of embracing your individuality and your little quirks. 

I guess that’s why I grew up doing everything I loved …I had friends at primary but had too many interests to sit with one group…  I was part of the ‘popular’ lot at secondary school but was the one also off doing other things, I was a school governor & did every extra curricular activity ever 🤣🤣 

I guess I’ve always been cool by myself. Make believe games meant you were technically just by yourself. Extra curricular activities meant breaking from the crowd. I’ve always been ok with being by myself – & Now I’m still cool with my very few tight friends that sit across the world.

But one thing recently I’ve noticed is all this coolness by myself malarkey means I can take on pressures that could be shared by a team. I’m now part of the best team at FIT, at Pro Direct and often travel with teams – breaking away from adding the pressure so it’s all on me is tough. Remembering it’s not just down to me to make this work could help the stress levels. While I’m a natural lone wolf & happy with it, I’m learning now that greater things can happen when you’re part of a team, when you share your pressures and joys with others, when you distribute the pressure & work together. 

The women in my life haven’t got to where they are by simply trumbling through life by themselves. Mum needed Nan to help with the kids, Nan had my grandad for support etc etc 

I’m so grateful for all the women in my life who have helped shape me and grow me. As a team they created me, as a team we all worked together to have me sitting on this plane to Cologne for an Under Armour launch event in a dream job at 22. And I’m so grateful to the female bosses on team FIT. 

When you think back to your childhood can you spot yourself in the people who are closest to you? 

Thank you for making it this far for my ramble, I often write like this when I’m going through like emotional realisation. 

For me today – ‘you haven’t got to this stage in your life by yourself, so don’t expect to do everything daily yourself’ 

Team work makes the dream work. 

Who’s your team that made you, you? 

5 Tips if You’re Tired All The Time

5 Tips if You’re Tired All The Time


Ok so if you follow me on instagram, if not, why not? @chlohodgkinson then you’d know that I’ve been a bit up and down for the whole year so far. It’s actually really common this time of year, at the start of the year I mean with the weather being colder etc and illnesses going around but I thought I’d do some research in to to try sort myself out. With the nights getting lighter and the weather getting warmer, if you’re still feeling tired here’s what i tried and what then happened…

  1. I increased my warm foods. 

Illnesses and colds etc thrive in colder environments hence the increase of colds in winter months. Drinking warming drinks (a personal fave is hot almond milk) and warming foods like root vegetables and soups can help reduce the amount the bad bacteria thriving… buzzing.

  1. Prioritise sleep

Don’t be ashamed to go to bed really early if you need it. Watch the TV programme on catch up and embrace what your body needs. I went through a week period of being asleep before 9, my body clearly needed it. 

  1. Increased calories

When feeling energy depleted, food is the stuff that gives us the energy so I increased my calories to help my body along. 

  1. Keep exercising but reducing intensity 

Intense exercise can be really stressful on the body. I dropped the intensity of my workouts and opted for longer walks instead. 

  1. Check Deficiencies & intolerances

You may or may not have seen that when I eat oats they make me sleepy. That seems to be the case for a lot of grains unfortunately *glances at the packet of over priced rye bread I no longer can eat* … knowing what foods make you feel great and others that don’t can really help your energy levels. I know to avoid oats first thing in the morning but things like bananas pre workout make me feel amazing. 

I’d also recommend seeing if you have a deficiency somewhere, things like anaemia can cause low energy caused by low iron. 

I’d love to know how you keep your energy levels up, I’ve also added in my favourite products that help me with the all the points above.

Wishing you all the energy in the world

Chlo xxx

5 Ways I’ve Increased My Energy & Happiness

5 Ways I’ve Increased My Energy & Happiness


When I tell you that every time I wake up in the morning full of energy I’m genuinely shocked and stand there asking myself ‘Am I sure?!’ – the answer for the past month is yes. Yes Im sure. I feel bloody fantastic, I am repelling against negativity and find how I react to different situations is better. 

I feel grounded & passionate, happy & light and even when I get angry or feel down the processing of this is completley different to how I did before.

  • Prioritise Sleep

Bad news for you light sleeps but this has been a huge huge huge help. Sleep is my #1 and with my body clock getting me up early it means that I need to make sure I hit the sack early too. I’m not a big TV watcher so this is easier for me but I now tend to climb into bed about 8:30pm and read for an hour, this normally sends me really sleepy and I switch lights out around 9:30pm. I now normally sleep all the way through but I do notice massively now if I eat too late or eat something that is high in sugar for example then my sleep is really disrupted. A top tip for getting to sleep is count your breathes to 10, then start from 1 again… I normally don’t even remember reaching 3 rounds of 10!

I’m putting a little section in here to talk about caffeine because it sits along side both prioritising sleep & decreasing my stress. I’ve actually decided to get rid of caffeine with especially focusing on coffee. You see im quite sensitive thanks to my couple of years of under eating and over excising and I’m extremely sensitive to stress. 

Coffee increases your cortisol (stress) levels and encourages adrenaline which can put your body in a big stressed state which in previous generations would only be put in if in danger by a being eaten or a tribe attacking. A high stressed body exhausts you and drains you and really ruins your sleep. I found myself grinding my teeth in the night as well as waking up about 4/5 times and reliant on coffee just to keep me going. 

  • Decreased Stress

This deserves a whole blog post by itself but really focusing on decreasing my stress has allowed me to stop worrying, be present and be happy. Instead of stress I focus on gratitude by saying 3 things im grateful for each day. As well as giving up caffeine which has been the biggy here I’ve also started focusing on my breathing and taking up yoga while resting more. 

  • Embraced my Spiritual side

This one isn’t for everyone & again I think will be the start of a series as there is so much I want to talk about in this section.  But honestly, embracing my spirituality and seeing the purpose of life in a bigger picture has been amazing for my happiness and energy. The belief that we are more than just blobs walking around destroying where we live and that there is a higher level of life is incredible. It’s provided me with insights and knowledge about myself and others I never would have thought of, it has guided me to incredible opportunities and given me experiences that simply felt out of this world…. Omg I sound like a right nutter hahaha.

  • Looking inwards 

We are constantly bothered about how we look to others, pleasing others and just go go go. We often to forget to check in with ourselves – hey that comment someone made? How did you actually feel about that? … or just stopping, breathing and acknowledging yourself is really powerful. I have spent time analysing my past, my actions and my goals – why I acted in a certain way and also the person who I want to be in life. The more you connect with yourself, the more you listen to yourself and your body which means more energy and happiness.

  • Breathing

Sounds silly but we genuinely dont do enough of this. We rush around breathing fast in competition with who is the busiest. You know what? Now I buzz if im the most chilled. I’ve started breathing through my stomach and with my nose not my mouth. This signals to the body that your safe which in turn relaxes you, helps you think, slows you down for a second to connect with yourself… and if you’re in bed, helps you fall asleep. 

I really hope these tips can help you & I’d love to know what you guys do for happiness and energy? Please comment below as im desperate to try new ways!

Chlo xxx 


Here are some of my go too products for happiness & energy:

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6 Slightly Odd Things That Happened After My Period Returned – #ProjectP



I got my period back and I kind of wasn’t expecting what else could change/happen around me… so naturally I’d thought I’d share…

  • I’ve fallen truly madly deeply in love with dogs. Im obsessed. I get the urge to stroke them constantly and my heart hurts a little and fills like it gets bigger everytime I see one. Im not sure if this is some kind of fertility sign/ broodiness thing happening maybe? Does anyone know? – but anyway don’t panic mum, at least it’s not kids ey! 
  • I’ve got hair on my arms like the tops of arms and my hair is growing rapid… turns out when you suffer from amenrohea your hormones are everywhere and can stop hair production.
  • Nail Growth – It can also stop nail production… so you guessed it, my nails are growing like made!
  • My Libido is back (omg I cringed writing that hahaha soz mum) 
  • I’ve developed hormonal acne. Annoyingly I now get spots around my chin and jaw line. If you face map it (See here) this is due to hormones. I’m going to go see someone to see if I can manage this.
  • I worry less. Not having a period was a massive worry for me, so I kinda obsessed over it… me? Obsess?! Neeeeever lol…. Since having it back, It’s one less thing to worry about!
  • I’m more aware of my body than ever and my cycle. I researched loads into the reproductive system and out cycles and started to become so in tune with my body and what it means when it does certain things.
  • I feel more female. It sounds weird, but I feel more womanly & girlie if you like. I can’t really describe the feeling but I just feel more feminine… hmm.

And that’s that… I’ll update you if anything else happens but im really interested in seeing if you notice any differences to your body & feelings around your cycle? Let me know below!

Here to more flowing months hahaha ew.


Chlo xxxx

Things Australia Taught Me

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 17.23.44.png

I guess it’s that time again. I’m on a long haul flight home after my second most incredible trip this year.

I have to say I think this trip may have taken the title for best trip I’ve ever had which after Thailand I didn’t think was going to happen – although I will argue that each trip was the best for very different reasons. Thailand, I was able to put lots to be bed and find out who I was, while this trip I was able to grow even more and work out even deeper who I was.

On every trip I go deep into my thoughts and my visions because often at home I struggle to find the time too.

I often spend a lot of time focused on my future, where I want to be and where I want to go/what’s next for me – I love doing this as it really motivates me for when I’m home. I originally came out to Aus to explore the health and fitness industry and let me tell you – I very much did that! I’ve eaten incredible food, been on amazing runs and completely fallen in love with the place & the Aussie lifestyle… I now have some really exciting ideas in mind of what I want to achieve now and what parts of their amazing lifestyle I want to bring back with me. Examples: more plant based eating, exercising outside, early mornings.

Coming out to Australia made me realise that at the start of summer I was basically living this lifestyle so it’s inspired me to get back to that kind of life… I’m not that much of a party girl, don’t get me wrong when I party – I can… but I’m really sensitive and it takes a lot for me to recover. It effects me in more ways than one & It’s not really something I want to have in my life.

I’ve learnt a few things this trip, things like I ACTUALLY AM GOOD WITH DIRECTIONS! And I’m really good at taking control when I need too.

In the past I’ve been told I’ve been awful with directions and I’m ‘ditsy’ and although the ditsy part may be true in some aspects I’ve actually really surprised myself that my sense of direction was sick (Ask Kate if you don’t believe me)… btw this goes for driving too if any of my family are reading this! I’ve been told that I’m quite a good driver actually! but this has nothing to do with Australia because this dosey cow left her driving licence at home – did I mention I’m not actually ditsy? haaaa.

I’ve learnt I’m actually so up for an adventure and I’m a bit of a Dora the Explorer. I want to explore culture and I have a sense of urgency to make sure I see everything in the short amount of time I was there. I love to explore and was researching every place we went too about what we needed to see. I was conscious of the fact that we were only there for a few days so I just had to make sure I saw everything – partly because everyone we met told us 3 weeks wasn’t long enough… WELL WE SHOWED THEM!… btw did I mention I’m not competitive?

ok… yeah I’m totally competitive. I wanted to do every walk and every run I went on I wanted to do it faster than the day before. I had so much get up and go that I definitely didn’t stop even when my body told me too. This is something I’ve always struggled with, I can often tune out of my body and just keep going and although this is sometimes beneficial I learnt that my energy levels don’t gradually decrease when I’m not listening to me body, they jump… I’m really really good and then bam I’m dead.

Australia found my love for moving my body and eating nourishing foods without the need for calorie counting, calorie burning or focus around protein. I fell back in love with the fresh air runs and how good fresh food makes me feel.

I read 3 (on my 4th) amazing books and they took me to some dark places. It made me realise that I had suffered from a potential eating disorder and that my obsession with exercise was definitely worse that I first thought. I read ‘Body Positive Power’ by Megan Crabbe and Mel wells’ book The Goddess Revolution and it really opened my eyes to the culture I had been swamped with for the past few years. That culture being diet culture. I want to save the details for a few more posts but one big thing I’ve done this trip is make the decision to step away from 1-2-1 personal training at Winners.

I want to be able to help as many people as possible to feel the energy and the feel good feelings I get when I move my body and eat well. I want people to have a happy mindset that they are able to go and live their life with the greatest fulfilment.

That they are able to use their strong body and healthy insides to achieve everything they want to achieve. I realised it was my time to step away from helping people change their bodies for aesthetics. It doesn’t sit right with me people coming to see me to lose a couple inches because ‘that’s when they will love themselves’.

Self love comes from the inside, people are so much more than how they look and I felt I was contributing to the diet culture that ruined my mental health and gave me obsessions that I’ve had to work so hard to get out of.

It definitely doesn’t mean I’m turning my back on the industry – defo defo not! I’ve been working on a few things over the past few months and this has just given me the motivation I needed to really push through for those ideas to happen. I want to reach more of you and help more females find empowerment and love for having a healthy and strong body. I want young girls to grow up realising their worth and their abilities when they are strong and healthy – both body and mind. So please bare with me, but I am currently working n creating.

#ProjectBecomeGoodAtShit will definitely come back now I’m home – to me that’s why I move my body, I want to become good at stuff instead of chasing that ideal body I did for so many years when I was younger.

#ProjectHealthyAdventurer, my latest project is going to be in full swing with more things booked in and more opportunities coming my way – the best place to see this is probably my instagram @chlohodgkinson … but I might use it as an opportunity to get back vlogging on youtube if enough people are interested.

A big thing for me this trip was my connection to the universe. This may freak some people out so if you’re not into spirituality maybe skip this bit? haha.

I’ve felt a real connection with who I am and a real guidance on what I’m meant to be doing in this world. I realised I’m a lot more hippie and spiritual than I first thought and I love it! I saw Treena in Sydney- the lady I sat next to on my flight home from Thailand. A psychic and life coach who gave me a reading and guidance on my life. I feel I have a bit of a calling to make a change to society when it comes to health and fitness and just to freak you all out – I now take a gypsy juice every morning and every evening – basically flower essences that will help me. – did I mention I’m a proper hippie nutter? haaalp.

Australia has also made me realise that I’m a worrier. If everything is going well, I’ll try to find something that isn’t and will focus my energy on that. Treena has helped me see different perceptions on this and this is something I really want to focus on.

Australia made me realise I love affection but often struggle to give it, I’ve realised I’m a big kid that loves any type of game and I also like things to be black and white. I’m not good when there isn’t a definite answer. I’m not a big fan of the grey areas in life which often means I’m an all or nothing person … must keep working on that ‘balance’ shit.

Australia made me realise a complete different perspective on previous experiences. Ones that I had once viewed as completely negative I no longer did. This isn’t the platform to share that as it’s a bit too personal but this hit hard. You know when you see something completely differently & that’s really really hard to deal with – I try not to be a ‘what if’ person, but I have to be honest I’ve thought that a lot this trip.

I learnt I’m a bit of a people pleaser and am often happy to forget about myself and my own likes & dislikes to keep others happy – as much as I love to give, I’m going home ready to stay align with my true self.

I’ve learnt I’m no longer scared of snakes, reptiles, the sea or storms. I learnt that finding vegan places to eat even in Aus is bloody hard. I learnt that walking 25000+steps hurts my hips. I learnt that yoga is the answer to most things. But most of all I learnt that you can be complete opposites to someone yet have the deepest connection too.

Kate, If you read this, thank you. Thank you for the very very best trip and one I will never forget. Thank you for the matching tattoo and thank you for being so understanding when I need some alone time (I recharge by myself, I’m what I would describe as a extroverted introvert). Thank you for opening my eyes to vegan food and for answering all my questions when I’ve challenged you about it. Thank you for being the polar opposite to me and open my eyes to whole a new different perception. Thank you for listening to my stories about mindset and most of all thank you for accepting a spot of spirituality. Thank you for skipping through Sydney CBD when I asked you too, for the deep chats… oh and for hugging that tree when I told you too. Thanks for the laughs, the energy dips and the energy rises, the good food and the adventures but most of all, thanks for being you.

Another trip down, a lot learnt & even more memories created- now for the home stretch and here’s what I’ve got planned:

  • Fit will go live!
  • Focus on myself, my goals and my happiness
  • Yoga will become a weekly thing
  • Reading will become a daily thing
  • I’ll get back running
  • I’ll work on keep my energy levels high
  • I’ll accept emotions rather than suppress them
  • I’ll come off my phone when I’m with my family and friends
  • More adventures to come & I’ll treasure every moment.

Australia you were an absolute blast – thank you, thank you, thank you. Until next time xxxx

I’m in the process of writing the healthy guide to Australia so bare with me.

*My aim is to revisit this in a few months to reflect on this – Feb 2019.


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