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How to Deal with a Break Up

Relationships. This could end up in a series… I might call it #TheRelaSeries I used to do events in schools where I spoke to loads of girls about health & fitness and I had one girl message me recently asking about relationships and I thought I’d share my reply. ‘ ‘My boyfriend just broke up […]

Is it My Intuition or Just Society Norm?

Intuitive nudge or society norm?  Do you ever find that we are constantly seeking for approval and happiness from others? Not making a decision until someone else has given us the go ahead or running something by someone before we do it.  I do it all the time, I love something but before I do […]

Our Thoughts Become Our Reality

Maybe just don’t do It if it’s going to hurt Chlo ? It’s a simple yet effective task that.  You know, just avoiding doing things that are probably going to hurt you. You know, like looking at the news for way longer than you anticipated, for following that person that makes you feel shit, for […]

What’s the difference between masculine & feminine energies?

I keep having epiphanies. This lockdown is causing me all kind of things in me but as woo woo & deep as it sounds I haven’t felt this level of healing since I went to Thailand 2 years  ago.  I try to share as much as I can but this lockdown I’ve dug deep trying […]

Riding The Waves of Emotions

I’ve got an urge to write but somethings stopping me so here I am writing on my walk no entirely sure where this is going to go. But I also know that when I’m in the unknown that’s when the best things happen.  I’ve done it again, don’t worry the bounce back rate is getting […]

Daydream Your Way To Happiness

Why day dreaming is your soul singing.  I’ve always done it. I spend half my life with my head in the clouds. I don’t why but it’s just so nice up there. You can be who you want, live a life of your highest desires or even better live any life you like.  I’ve also […]

If you have changed, then so have they… right?

I’m the first to shout that people can change. I’m waving the flag for all us that have changed. I know that people can change because if you told 18 year old chloe that she wouldn’t be going to the gym 7 times a week and would do yoga over HIIT… oh and meditate I’d […]

Tapping into your younger self

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you can just sit and write and write and write. How sometimes writing just feels well right? I’ve always written even as a little kid. I remember writing stories. I remember thinking I’ll be an author and everyone will love my stories. Now while I am unsure you lot love […]

Why Do We Focus On What We Don’t Know?

Do you know how hard it is to write while holding a dog that follows his nose everywhere and has the need to be 10 metres further up the road 10 minutes ago? If you don’t, well it’s hard. Sometimes I open up my phone and have no idea what I’m going to say. All […]

I’ll be happy when…

They say successful people are the ones that continue to show up. They say the happiest are the ones that live with fulfilment.  What if you don’t know what fulfills you? What if we are constantly climbing the ladder? I’ll be happy when….  I’ll be happy when I’m skinny, when I’ve got through this project, […]

Pain vs Pleasure Theory

The pain and pleasure theory….  IGTV got me explaining more in words again.  Tony Robbins introduces me to this theory. The theory that as humans we seek pleasure and avoid pain. That’s basically how we make decisions. Would you like to go pub?  At the moment your brain will associate pub with either pain or […]


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