My Fitness Wishlist – March 2015

Here is My March Fitness Wishlist

Nike light up trousers 

They’ve been all over the internet but how cool would it be to actually own a pair… strolling round the gym all light up – I reckon I would get the PTs to turn the lights off just so every can get full benefit of see my light up trousers. Buy Here

The Zero Runner 

Incredible, simply incredible. You can get the same benefits as running without the impact on your body… no more shin splints!

The Body Coach’s 90 day shred  

image from: @thebodycoach

The meals are incredible, the workouts fat blasting and the transformations are insane, but money comes into this one… I just dont have the dollar… I think i’ll just stick to his #leanin15 instagram meals until I can afford it.

BKR water bottle 

Probably not very practical for a run or in the gym as they are glass but they are sick and such cool ‘skins’ to go on them too. Buy here

Yoga/ pilates Class 

image from:

I wish I could get into yoga or pilates… but I cant… it doesn’t feel like exercise or that it is doing anything because i’m not sweating my arse off and my heart isn’t trying to escape from my chest, but it’s so good for you and everyone at Women’s Health raves about it! As some of you know i’ve tried doing a 21 challenge and that is to become a frequent user at practising yoga… but it’s hard to stay motivated.


image from pinterest

Ok so i’m going off what the usual fitness wish list would be, yano, like ‘this pair of trainers etc’, but I have plenty of trainers and if I say I want more mum may have a fit… and anyway a wishlist can be anything you wish for right? And I wish for better abs. I don’t mean body builder abs, I just mean… get-rid-of-this-layer-of-fat-over-my-abs abs… get me?

More Leggings 

 I don’t care what anyone says a pair of decent gym leggings on makes you look in so much better shape than you are and even make unfit girls look toned… so I need more…

Coil hairbands 

image from amazon

People in the gym have them and they stop your hair kinking when you tie them up. So, in the mornings after a quick fasted run, I need something that wont put a kink in my hair, so when I do a body and face shower when I get home my hair is still ok! Bye Here

Staying healthy in London

I don’t know how those of you that do 8 hour days do it, it’s exhausting, I think I might stay a student my whole life. Actually to be fair to me, there isn’t many devoner’s (where I live) that have to commute and hour each way just to get to where they need to be! *insert some sarcastic comment from some smart pants*

I was really worrying that I wouldn’t keep up my fitness and healthy eating and turn into a slob – these are the sort of worries I have in life and I feel sorry for those of you that are missing out on this worry, it is one of the better worries to have.

Anyway, yeah, so I was really worried, with the long hours I was sure my body would start craving the crap and just want to sit around and do nothing…


Don’t ask me why, I dont know the real answer but I haven’t craved any crap and apart from a few weekend carbs and choc, my diet has been incredible, the best in a while. Shopping in Itsu or M&S for my lunch which include healthy salads with wholegrains and chicken has been great. BUT…even when i’m that starving and my stomach is eating it’s gut… I just don’t want the crap- amazing!

So, I buy my lunch out, but my snacks I take with me my usual diet is:

7:00: Scrambled egg or Oats
10:00: Fruit and Veg smoothie made fresh from the Nutribullet
1:30: Chicken Salad, or some kind of salad
4:00: Nuts/carrots
6:00: Rest of my nuts/carrots
8:00: Light dinner

As per usual exercise has stayed the front of my mind – must.keep.improving.

Although, I wont be toning due to lack of the gym, cardio wise and trying to keep on top of things is relatively easy. Every morning I get up at 6 (normally 6:30) and do a quick fasted jog a small set of circuits, this has ranged from lunges to push ups and crunches to planks. I don’t normally get home till 8:15pm so it’s normally eat and then bed, however, I have tried to squeeze in some abs before bed.

Instead of the tube, partly because I need to save money, I walk from Victoria to 33 Broadwick Street (the office) and back again every day, 1.8 miles each way – I even ran to the station Wednesday night just to get the earlier train. So, that, plus my exercise Im hoping I’m flying.

Here’s a tip for you office workers (if you work above ground floor that is) – take the stairs not the lift and take two steps at a time, clenching your bootay as you go. – simple glute workout.

Now, I know I said I didn’t know why, and to be honest I don’t BUT I do have some little tiny inckling on why i’m staying healthy:

A) You can’t really eat a mcdonalds and a dairy milk while working for a health magazine
B) Everyone else in the office is healthy and I’m already the newbie i don’t want anymore attention on myself.
C) London is so easy to find places that super healthy, yummy dishes. 

D) Summer’s on my mind

If this healthiness lasts is another thing but I’m proud of myself so far.

Check out what i’m wearing on my early morning runs too – the new SS15 Helly Hansen collection is perfect for layering in the cold morning but also lightweight for the summer and in the gym. I’ve been wearing it all for my 6am runs and then just the vest top and bottoms for my evening circuit training.

Shop here:



Training trousers

How are you guys getting on?

End of week 1 & London Fashion Weekend

So week 1 is done and to be honest, taking away the commuting, I’ve had a good week and have learnt so much about digital software – social and web.

If you want, I mean you don’t have too, but you can go to Women’s Health Mag online and see my favourite sorbet recipe … my name is even on the site.. basically famous. Oh and i’m classed as ‘online assistant’… isn’t that fancy.

You’ll all be happy to know i’m no longer getting lost around London, I even ran to the station Wednesday night (1.8 miles with my laptop in my bag, coat and non running gear) just to catch the earlier train – which made me think, if I ran through the centre of Exeter or Plymouth people would think i’m weird. Run through the centre of Piccadilly Circus, which is full to the brim of workers and tourists, past old Bucky palace and through the station and no one looks once let alone twice. I made the earlier train, just, and with sweat pouring off me I had to stand up most of the way which caused difficulty mentally and physically when it came to recovering from the run. Making my situation worse the train only come in 15 blooming minutes earlier than the later one!
On the plus side of things, I get some great pictures on my walk… which brings me onto another thing.. why do Londoners not care about selfies? If I see someone taking a selfie on their own I automatically chuckle like ‘what a gimp’ but so many people do it and no one cares… so I put it to the test. I took two selfies and NO ONE cared – to be honest people have probably got better things to do than look at a sweaty 19 year old thats probably lost in London take a selfie. (selfies below)

just me waving to liz

I was lucky enough to have a half day today which meant I could pop down to Summerset House to London Fashion Week, I went last year, so it would be rude not too go. As I walked through, I got asked if this lady could take a picture of me for fashion at London Fashion Week, well would be a bit weird if she wasn’t posting about fashion there but yano. So I put my posing to the ultimate test and I am now on their Instagram and Twitter pages tehehehehee exciting tehehehehe. – I think one lady thought I was actually important or something as she took a picture of me as well… I’m on a random persons phone now… possibly forever…hmm… not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway Jean-Pierre Braganza’s catwalk was great and the collection was incredible – watch out for blog up very soon about my favourite pieces.

How has your week been?

Day 1 as an Interner – 10 things i’ve learnt

So today was my first day as an intern at women’s health. 
These are 10 things i’ve learnt, do what you like with these 10 things, learn from them, laugh at me, tut at me but whatever you do, don’t do the same as me.

1. Always wee before you leave the house – So in Devon, I can normally hold on until I reach my destination because not everything is over 1 hour away and you don’t have to pay 30p simply to pee. Poet. So, my bladder got a huge workout this morning, franticly trying to find my way round London just to find a free toilet.

2. Take enough food – So my plan was to get lunch out, that was fine, I had a lush avocado and chicken salad from Itsu. I also had a smoothie, apple and carrot sticks – to last me from 8am-8pm. Not happening. I’m writing this post while my gut is eating itself on the train home, I feel like passing out and I must realise… coffee is not enough & buy more food

3) Don’t rely on technology – So I relied on my trusty iPhone that decides to turn off every now and then to navigate me around central London. The maps are hard to read as it is and to top it off, on the way back, in the dark may I add, the maps decide to tell me London Victoria doesn’t exist. Obviously just lies, maybe maps were starving hungry as well, but who knows, all I can say is don’t search for a good 10 minutes trying to find London Victoria and then fill me with panic when you tell me Victoria doesn’t exist. IT DOES EXIST! It didn’t that help my sense of direction is none existent and the policeman I asked can not direct at all ‘go down there darling (pointing to a wall) then right, then walk in that direction’ – top cheers mate. Im buying a London map tomorrow A) so I know where i’m going and B) it’s so much fun to look like a tourist.

4) Don’t run just because you have trainers on – I ran down the Buckingham Palace drive, simply because everyone else was, I felt like I should join in with my trusty new Nikes on.. but.. I had a rucksack with my laptop in and clothes on that weren’t suitable for running in, so I actually looked more stupid than I did walking, it was also ridiculously uncomfortable.

5) Don’t think transcribing an interview will be quick – It’s not, 3 hours later, I was still going.

6) Buy your travel tickets the day before – This is if you have no idea what to do, it didn’t help matey boy couldn’t explain properly – hmmm a lot of people don’t seem to be explaining properly, maybe it’s me and i’m just thick.

7) Wrap up warm – London is bloody freezing at night, I couldn’t hold my phone in my hand, not that I needed it with my maps not working

8) Remember not everyone is out to kill you – My paranoia was out in full swing.

9) Remember going to a body combat class twice a week does not make you invincible – In my mind, I genuinely think this.. my paranoia was calmed when I remembered I did body combat (my reason ill be ok in any situation is ‘its ok i do body combat) however, if someone attacked me, a fitness class based on martial arts to music t is probably not going to help.

10) Don’t think you’re just going to watch everyone do the work –  I was full on stuck in researching and emailing different bits of research I had found, welcome to the world of work chlo. 

But overall, working at Women’s Health is an experience and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week, let alone month has to bring in… eeeeekkkkk!

Next Stop, Lanndaannn

So, some of you guys and gals may have seen my more than eventful 24 hours if you have me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. 
Basically my little cherubs… this girl, right here, has just bagged herself a one month internship with Women’s Health magazine. *applause*… oh stop it you!
But when I say this opportunity has been pure madness, I genuinely mean PURE MADNESS… so i’m here to tell you my little story… 
The beginning of the week, for me, was so crap, i’m pretty sure the smell is still lurking about. It was one of those weeks where you are 100% certain your life is, well, crap and nothing is going right for you… I was a complete moody teenager as my Dad and Stepmum call it. 
Uni was getting on top of me, I felt I wasn’t achieving in the gym either, as I had such lack of motivation. 
Basically, I just was really down. Lol.
Anyway, so I was in my lecture yesterday afternoon, being told to start applying for interns.. so well I did. 
I applied for a digital internship at Women’s Health magazine at 3pm.
I left uni at 3:30pm. By roughly 4:10pm, while on my train home, I had an email. From Amy at Women’s health…
‘Hi Chloe, thanks for the interest, can you start monday? and could you come for an interview tomorrow at 11?’
It was basically along those sort of lines… as you can imagine… I was like O M G. 
The lady opposite was like ‘er, are you ok love?’ 
That was it, I was off, phoning everyone possible that I needed too: 
Mum – ‘Shit! Can I make this happen?!’
Dad – ‘ Can I come live with you for a month?!’
Uni Lectuers – ‘ Can you give me permission to not turn up for a month?’
By the time I got to telling my boyfriend and his family properly I had a full on script, word for word on what to say.. simply because I had said it so many times!
SOOO… today… I flew to London with my ledge of a mum at 7am from Exeter to get to Hearst Magazine for 11am – I made it – I got the intern – I start Monday.
So yeah, in the space of 48 hours, I have gone from thinking my life is going no where… to going to getting up at 4am for an interview… to planning on staying in london for a month! (I will be coming home at weekends, i’m a fanny like that and I have uni work to complete too)
I love an adventure and all that jaz, but this is mental – so yeah watch this space for the next month about my journey with Women’s Mag digital team!
This is my current ‘i’m knackered, i’ve just got home, my life is mad’ face.

My Favourite HIIT workout

I get asked quite a bit about what I do at the gym and although I have changed my workouts up now, HIIT still remains a massive part of what I do – it’s such an incredible fat burner.
I try and aim to do HIIT training every other day now, I started doing it every day and yes I saw fat loss but I also have a mesomorph body (click the link below to find out more) – I build muscle quickly. So, my muscles, especially my legs, got huge from muscle, which is something, personally, I don’t want. So I’ve changed it up now to every other day – with running or a fitness class for the other days.
To work out your body type – This website here explains it so well.
If you’re used to exercise you could try this one, however if your just starting out with HIIT – give the last one a go.
  • 30 seconds: Jump Squat
  • 30 seconds: Standing oblique crunch (weighted or unweighted) – you could simply use a water bottle here.
  • 30 seconds: Jumping lunges
  • 30 seconds: rest
  • 15 seconds: Jump Squat
  • 1 minute: Rest
  • 15 Seconds: Jumping lunges
  • 1 minute: Rest
Excuse my poorly thumb – I sliced it open while making my morning smoothie.

If you guys are interested in other HIIT workouts, give me a shout and I’ll make sure I do another blog focussing on a different body part.

Please note: Please don’t try this if you’re new to fitness, HIIT training can be extremely hard – build up your cardiovascular fitness first.

Good luck & Love to all 

Water Retention

This is a quick post on something I have finally come to terms with and thought it was important to share with you guys.


I hate it, it makes me look bigger than I actually am and makes me feel like i’ll never reach my goal. I’ve battled with water retention for ages now and have just never understood it, until I saw this HUGE difference in just a week I realised what caused water retention for me – lack of exercise & rubbish food.

Over Christmas, as some of you know, I had an amazing time in America. However, although I did encounter some incredible runs on the beach my diet was great… I was in America and I felt a need for those pancakes for breakfast and the burger for lunch and the tacos for dinner, it was a need at the time not a want. I ate so so much and moved very little, sitting in the sun (hard life) meant I drank very little too.

Although there are many reasons for water retention including medical. Bad diet/ lack of protein and lack of exercise were the factors for me… as you can see…

The picture on the left was taken on 7th January and the right picture taken last Thursday, sooo, the 15th – 8 days. It looks like I’ve lost about half a stone, I haven’t it’s simply water – so what i’m saying is don’t fret if you wake up in the morning and feel down thinking you’ve gone back two steps in your progress, it’s mostly probably water weight and after a week of eating healthy and exercising you’ll loose that.

Here are a few tips to get rid of water retention:

– drink more water, our body is up to 70% water. Not drinking water can cause our bodies to hold on to the water we eventually do drink.

– Eat less salt, sodium rich foods are thought to cause water retention. A lot of processed foods have excess sodium in them.

– Do regular exercise to keep your circulatory system moving. Including weight to tone up those muscles!

– Try not to sit down for too long, get up and shake your booty … or just walk… whatever floats your boat.

This was really important for me to post this today as so many people mistake water retention for weight gain and they loose motivation to keep going.

Shake it off as Taylor says and go work out!!

Loosing water weight is such a great motivational start to keep you going to loose those extra bits of fat or to tone up more.. lets kick water retention in the butt.

lots of love