Beach Run & Progress

I went on the most amazing run last week that I’m now making a weekly thing, after completing my half marathon I focused mainly on the gym and neglected my running, but there is something about winter running that I love, so I started incorporating running back into my exercise regime, only once a week for now.

The first week I just went on the roads and although it definitely cleared my head from uni stress, there isn’t much I can say that is pleasant about running through rush hour traffic… so as I live by the beach I thought it was time to take full advantage of it! And what a great decision that was!

The sand being thick on the beach makes it so much harder to run, makes you pick your legs up a lot more, working them harder, it definitely upped my work out.

Another thing I wanted to share, was my progress, after my back on it post I was determined to change and get back on track and I’m happy to say I did exactly that!! 

Although not obese by any means, I had a lot of water weight and had come out of shape by all of the rubbish I had been eating. 
By slowly cutting carbs and sugar, upping the protein and good fats and after more research I have found new meals I absolutely loveeeeee! – At the moment stir fry veg with grilled chicken marinated in curry powder is my ultimate fave, and pistachio nuts are my most desired snack, I’m like a little squirrel eating them ( Although more expensive I got for the roasted unsalted ones, simply as they are better for you without the salt). 

 I have a day off uni today so me and Sam are spending the day together (he normally goes to work with my mum and stepdad), this was my amazing lunch – I have a thing for sweetcorn at the moment, the great thing about it is sweet but without the tonnes of sugar. Sam couldn’t resist but try to pester me for chicken and yes he did win, he got some. 

Excuse my boyfriends room, but this is the difference from 28th September, when the previous pictures were taken to now. 
I’m really happy with the progress and although I haven’t lost ‘weight’ as such, I’m still weighing around the 9.9 stone, but that wasn’t my aim, I don’t want to loose ‘weight’ I want to loose fat –  I have lost all my water weight and some fat, while toning up again as well. 
These progress pictures and blogs definitely help with my motivation to keep going and not to fall off the track! 
How are you all getting on?

Fitness Fashion

I have this obsession with sports wear, it doesn’t matter what it is or where its from I just can’t get enough. This top and leggings are my latest editions to my collection… what should have cost me £43.00 only cost me £35, both being from Oxford Street’s Sports Direct. This store is my all time favourite Sports Direct … for a start its huge but also everything is in such amazing order you actually don’t feel like you should be getting such great deals! 

Nike being Nike have completely got it right with these two pieces, light weight, comfortable, breathable and an incredible fit, perfect for literally any type of exercise. I have worn both of these to Body Combat and Body Pump, so two very different types of exercise, one being a high intensity cardio class and the other being strength training. None of the items made me uncomfortable in any way and both stayed snug… which was amazing as I find it difficult to get clothing that stay snug as sometimes they rise up or even worse… fall down! Nike have definitely shown why they are definitely a brand I reckon and will always return too. 

I’ve also started to wear the Fitbit tracking how many steps and calories I burn throughout the day, yesterday I walked 16,182 steps and burnt 2,434 calories! It is such good information to know and helps with the motivation that I was talking about in my Back on it post.

Nike leggings – Sports Direct Similar here
Nike top-

Back on it.

The trainers are back on and my eating habits are back on point.
I personally find it hard to eat healthy when I’m not in a routine, so now i’ve started uni I’m so motivated to get back to how I was before I went on holiday and I’m hoping by blogging about my journey will help me stay motivated. 
I guess you could kind of look at it as a kind of Katie Hopkins approach… fit to fat to fit again. 
Since my holiday I have gained a stone and although I did keep up the exercise if your diet isn’t on point you will gain fat.. and thats exactly what i’ve done but I have also gained muscle as I found a new love for weight training and carbs.. the dreaded thing happened to me… I bulked, my whole body felt so large from muscle building under layers of fat. 
However, i’ve always duelled on the past and I’m not anymore, I’m in a good place and have no excuses.. so I’m looking onwards and upwards!

What I ate yesterday:

Scrambled egg x2 eggs (only one yolk)
Kale, spinach, lettuce, lemon and grapefruit smoothiethis doesn’t taste as bad as it seems as the lemon and grapefruit take away the bitterness off the greens. My version of this smoothie is simple – BUNG IT ALL IN TOGETHER, bit of kale, bit of spinach, bit of lettuce, one lemon and one grapefruit and blenddddd! (I can’t take the credit for this low sugar smoothie… my step mum told me about it)

kale, spinach, lettuce, lemon and grapefruit smoothie

Protein shake – Buy the protein I use here, chocolate flavour is the protein I use and will only use… add with water or milk before bed.. it mixes so well and tastes amazing for a great price too.
Pistachio nuts 
Grilled Chicken with roasted veg – served cold and still yum!
Activia yogurt
Cucumber sticks
Peanut butter – A lump on a spoon, just before gym… for extra energy
Steak, mushrooms and salad
Protein shake – Just before bed with milk
Exercise I did yesterday:

Walking home from the train station1.5miles uphill
Body Combat – 1 hour at Dyrons ( a local gym) with the incredible Hannah Broughton. Hannah uses the high impact, calorie burning Les Mills programmes… these workouts are intense but Hannah keeps you so motivated and encourages you through out every second. If you don’t have a Hannah near you… you need to get yourself one, as I owe it to her for my previous weight loss and muscle gain!! I also participate is Hannah’s Body Pump (weight lifting) and Body Jam (dancing) classes through out the week too! View the Les Mills website here visit Newton Abbot Class Timetable here

Im so excited to get going again today! My diet will more or less stay the same as yesterday with a few differences so it doesn’t get boring for example changing the meats and veg. This is the sort of diet I was having when I was in my best shape.

How I did it.

 Gran Canaria July 2012 & Zante June 2014                     

This is two years difference and I feel I’m finally happy to share my results and how I did it. With extreme determination I have now lost nearly 2 stone but have transformed lots of fat into muscle. In the 2012 picture I was a size 10/12 weighing around 10.9 and am now a size 8 and fit into some 6’s weighing 8.12.

I have found that lots of people go by weight, however if you are exercising as well as dieting which I found you need to do in order to achieve maximum benefits then you will be building muscle and loosing fat. Muscle weighs more than fat and therefore although naturally you will loose some weight many get disheartened when the amount of weight they have lost is minor… I’ve found the best way is by progress pictures and my measuring the size your body.

I will post more about different exercises and my diet in other posts but I firstly wanted to share that it is possible while living a normal lifestyle… By that I mean having a few weeks off and still enjoying yourself by eating out and going out.

Cutting my intake on carbs and sugar and increasing my protein intake are the main factors when it came to changing my diet also participating in classes at the gym and not just going into the actual gym myself really helped. I’m the sort of person that struggles to keep myself going so by being in a class and being told what to do really helps me, surrounding yourself with people with the same goals also helps.

Always have a goal and be determined and self motivated to get to that goal. I found it so hard as my family weren’t hugely into their fitness so it was all down to self control and ensuring I was staying focused on my goal, after my holiday I haven’t gained weight but I have lost definition and muscle mass, but it’s ok because I’ve learnt along the way that it’s ok to fall off the wagon and I just have to pull myself together again.

I can’t even say it has been that hard because I feel so much better when eating the right things… Saying no to cakes and chips have been the hardest things but the exercise is incredible and I love every second of my workout… Or I love it after the workout anyway… Not necessarily during!!

Before I found it so hard to find someone who had achieved results following simple rules and a diet that is doable that wasn’t qualified in the fitness industry and was just a normal female trying to get into shape… so I thought I would start posting more about my diet and exercises.

If you want to contact me with any questions:


Plymouth half marathon

Today I ran the plymouth half marathon and completed it in 1 hour 55 minutes!! So so proud of myself so … That’s basically my excuse to not blogging in about 3 weeks plus I’ve been Ill 😦 

I’ve been so so busy training, being Ill ( and feeling sorry for myself) and revising for exams I’ve had to put this aside… It’s broken my heart but I’m back 💪 and will try keep up to date! 
I went on a massive shopping spree a few weeks back and brought so much 🙊
Jelly shoes x2 
Mom jeans (see previous blog) 
Crop top blah blah blah 
My absolute favourite item is this gorgeous blue crop top… Friends have decribed this as a ‘slutty Dorothy outfit’ from wizard of oz 😂😂… But what do they know ✋😂

I think I’ll paid this up with white loafers and highwaisted jeans from topshop…. 😏
this week I really can’t get over the fact that there is two bank holidays so close together!!!! I didn’t go out last bank holiday but am so going out this time and I can’t wait to post my outfit up!! 
Anyway, will get back on it I promise ✌️
Speak soon