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Oh HIYA! I’m Chlo, Chloe, Chloisters, Coke-y, Hodge – whatever the blooody hell you want but anyway, welcome to my site – a place I like to call a hub for creating happy energy!
Remind a few years & sat in a Cornwall campsite I got called a slob… & that’s my earliest memory of where this journey all began … & here I am on a mission to spread my love of creating happy energy through health, food & fitness. 

I started running to lose weight which quickly became a therapy, it lead to me reading more into health and fitness. After a few fad diets, a hella load of mistakes i’m finally here! My nails are strong & long, my skin fab, my physique comfortable, my strength strong and my fitness levels at peak – this isn’t me bragging this is me showing you that it is possible to have the happiest of energies all through food & activity.

Yes,I’m a  1st class graduate from Ba(hons) Fashion, Media & marketing, a level 3 personal trainer & level 2 nutrition coach through LDN Muscle – but to you, i’m your pal that wants to help you create the energy that I have managed to find for myself.

So, please let me share with you my workouts, recipes and top tips on how you can find your love of being active & eating healthy because trust me, that day I got called fat, I had no idea i’d be where I am now – and you can come join me on the journey!


CONTACT: If you’re wanting to contact me, please do so at – I’d love to discuss collaborating and any advertising enquiries, or even just a chat!
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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born & the day you find out why
– Mark Twain.


A further note:
I am a qualified level 3 personal trainer and a nutrition coach however all exercise and recipes you try is done at your own risk. Please consult a doctor or personal trainer before attempting to do any exercises I post. All words & opinions are my own unless stated otherwise. All posts are based on my own experiences and I will only share a product etc about something i’m truly passionate about. if you have any allergies – check labels and read carefully. 


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