The struggle is real – SAD & Overcoming it

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I never ever realised that I would or could suffer from SAD or January Blues. Never realised it was really a thing, you see it’s my birthday month. It’s also a great time that I start focusing on new goals and get back into it after my Christmas binge. I’d previously have spent the whole of Christmas over indulging that I looked forward to getting back into a routine in Jan – this year was different.

Christmas was that awful word of ‘bAlaNCeD’. It was normal, I ate normal, like obv I indulged but I didn’t ‘write it off’ like I had done in previous years. I continued to work a bit over Christmas and while I went away, it was busy and I still lived very normally so I didn’t really feel like I needed a fresh start if you like come Jan.

Add this with colder, wetter nights and the fact I needed 6 jabs in 2 weeks which completely knocked me for six #FirstWorldProbs … anyway you get the point, I’ve bloody struggled. I’ve struggled to keep my energy up, to create content, sometimes to smile and also to stop falling myself to sleep.

I’ve struggled to keep my self-care rituals up so I thought I’d share with you those that I struggled to keep up but those that help fill me up. I guess this post is kinda helping remind me to do these things again in Feb…

Reading at night / This helps relax me to have a decent sleep, it helps me switch off and takes me away from my phone. A goal is to read a minimum of 12 books this year – 1 a month? Easy right? lol

A bath /

I still shower don’t worry – but a bath really helps my recovery and helps me relax.

Limiting caffeine /

With my jabs, they full whipped me out and times where sleep as been bad I’ve gone back to coffee. The problem is is that it gives me heart burn and messes with my gut.

Saying no /

Ever want just time by yourself? When im feeling flat I forget that it’s ok to say no and say yes to everything and then burn myself out. It’s ok to get JOMO (joy of missing out)

Prioritising sleep /

I love getting up early but it means to be able to do this I need to get to bed early too. This doesn’t work with a lot of society whom don’t get going to bed at 9pm. I think for me I need to find a balance that enables me to do this while still living with society and being able to take part in things hahaha.

Journalling /

This helps me SO SO much! I love writing down my thoughts and reflecting on the day. This is also my chance to remind me how grateful I am to have what I have in life but when im in a rush or feeling shitty it’s the first thing I ditch

Stopping eating before 8pm /

Argh this is hard when I gym in the evening or have plans in the eve but it helps my sleep so so much! Also helps me my gut in the morning … if you  know what I mean? 💩 If I eat too late it’s like my gut holds onto everything … which then impacts my mood the rest of the day

I guess this w is a great day post is about me being honest in that as much as I love life, try to be positive and happy and full of energy that I sometimes really struggle too…

praise the lord its the end of Jan…

Love ya xx